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Astrological Insight - Pisces

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The month of March is a mystical and magical time, as the Sun journeys through spiritual and dreamy Pisces. The sign of the fish travels a truly intuitive path that is highly sensitive and attuned to emotions and perceptions. Just like a real fish, they absorb their environments through their skin and have a hard time separating their feelings from those of others. It's important for Pisces to have stable friends who won't take advantage of their good nature. The fish should cultivate social discernment to avoid falling in with people who would abuse their trust and generosity. Their ruling planet Neptune gives the fish a veil of magic and mystery, but also can create illusions and deceptions that should be avoided when possible. Pisces is the oldest sign of the Zodiac, which represents a person so old they have become young again. Hoarding wealth or material objects is not something you'll find a typical fish doing - they would rather give than receive.

A deeply soulful and creative personality, Pisces natives (or those with Pisces influence in their charts) are often very gifted musicians, artists, dancers and more. They have a poetic nature and Neptune's influence lends a fluidity and natural ability that can't be learned. These are people who feel love on a high level and often seem lost without romance in their lives. Again, it's crucial to have a love partner who encourages their best qualities and gives plenty of compassion. It's also vital for Pisces to learn to stand on their own at times and not be negatively swayed by a controlling friend of partner.

There is a strong tendency towards melancholy and depression, along with substance abuse due to Pisces' need to escape the harsh realities of the world. The most positive way to channel sadness or suffering for the fish, is to put their feelings into a creative outlet or charitable cause. They are often over-flowing with poetic ideas and have a desire to help soothe the souls of others. Singing out their pain is extremely cathartic and healing. Some Pisceans can even become Messiah or prophetic type figures, because of the spiritual and emotional feelings they can evoke in others. For friends of Pisces, it's important to be gentle and provide unconditional love while also giving caring support and a needed 'push' if your fish is struggling to get motivated.

This March we have two eclipses on the horizon! The New Moon Solar eclipse happens on Tuesday the 8th at 8:57pm EST. This will be a total eclipse in the sign of Pisces, which moves us to embrace new patterns of compassion and greater love. The follow-up Lunar eclipse on Wednesday 23rd in the sign of Libra, will encourage us to release negative relationships and unbalanced patterns in our love life - can we say 'total eclipse of the heart'?

Our Full Moon this month occurs in Libra on the same day as the Lunar eclipse, so expect some high emotions and drama to come up. Use the energy of Libra to meditate and focus on balance at this time. There can be wonderful breakthroughs now, as we relinquish the barriers to our personal harmony. A very powerful exercise is to write down major themes of what you'd like to increase in your life and what you would like to remove. See where you are 6 months from now!

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