• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

FEBRUARY 2016 Reading

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

8 OF SWORDS: You may be feeling somewhat indecisive about an issue or problem that is bothering you, but now is not the time to do simply nothing. Take a few moments to think through what might be the best course of action, even listing pros and cons of alternatives if that would be helpful. Remember that to do nothing is making a decision, and the results could very well not be in your favor. So instead of waffling back and forth, or just postponing what may be a difficult choice, just go ahead and do something.

4 OF WANDS: Things will start looking up this month, especially if you have felt that you were in a murky, unclear place where confusion reigned. The good news is that you are entering a time of peace and calm, a time of replenishing yourself now that the new year is getting underway. You will start feeling more stable and secure as you look optimistically towards the future, so use this time to evaluate your goals and see if you are headed in the right direction. Good times can be in your future, so let them happen.

TEMPERANCE: This month can be magical in a wonderful sort of way, allowing the alchemy of change to take place. You can transform a challenge into something that will bring more balance into your life, and you can allow yourself time to do this. Patience is important right now, so there is no need to rush anything. Moderation is also helpful, so show self-restraint when necessary. Changing ourselves may take time, but it’s worth it. So look for ways to bring in more harmony by letting two completely different things lead to the creation of something new and different—a synthesis of two elements combining and resulting in a unique way of doing or perceiving to create a better outlook.

7 OF SWORDS: Some type of deception may be lurking about, so stay on your toes and keep your eyes open to what is going on around you. This dishonesty or untruthfulness could be coming from others or from yourself. So ask yourself: Am I being above board with how I feel? Am I giving myself excuses for not doing something that would benefit me because I just don’t want to, or are scared to? If others are the problem, be tuned in to your intuition so you can spot this negativity easily, and either confront the person or just move on. This energy could be the instigator for something new coming into your life.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: This could be a month of some ups and downs, but you will have the patience and optimism to deal with whatever happens. Make a decision about challenges and then move on, rather than vacillating back and forth and not doing anything. Stay upbeat and hopeful, because good things are on the way. Practice patience as you make changes, bringing visions and goals into fruition; use caution in dealing with others to detect if anything seems suspicious. Ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself and if not, find out the source of this feeling and do something about it.


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