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World Premiere of Theatrical Outfit's "MOXIE" Traces One Book's Round the World Journey of Liberation; Extends Through February 28th By Popular Demand

Downtown Atlanta's Theatrical Outfit presents the World Premiere of the moving and powerful multi-media "MOXIE" by Lane Carlock and Brian Kurlander, directed by Elisa Carlson. Now extended through February 28th by popular demand, tickets for this theatrical adventure which follows a father's book’s mysterious journey around the world can be obtained through the Box Office at 678-528-1500 or web site at

"MOXIE" is a metaphorical exploration of the emotional bonds between families and communities when war, oppression, violence, and discrimination disrupt them. "MOXIE" is the "gumption" or "chutzpah" required to stand up to opposition, to rise above the forces that threaten to take you down. One of the symbols used in the play is the Cross of Lorraine which is a Templar cross also used during "La Resistance" incorporated into the French flag as a symbol of freedom during World War II.

"MOXIE" is portrayed against a backdrop of painterly projections and photographic murals and incorporates music, dance and theater as an excellent vehicle for the multi-talented actors who play a variety of roles and nationalities. The cast includes Chiara Bulkin, Carolyn Cook, Danielle Deadwyler, David De Vries, Rial Ellsworth, Laura Fong, Bobby Labartino, Tony Larkin, Royce Mann, Jaden Robinson and Maria Rodriguez-Sager – all notable particularly the performances of David De Vries (as an older European book binder and as an Australian soldier), Tony Larkin (as Cecil, Omald, Kevin), Maria Rodriguez Sager (Mom/Doreen), the memorable Danielle Deadwyler and the young, both talented and convincing Jaden Robinson as Marcus. Joy Bhowmick too gives a power-packed, sensitive performance as the teacher who intervenes into the lives of children in peril from widely divergent worlds.

The play's opening scene is a poignant and naturalistic depiction of the phenomenal relationship between a young boy and his father, a soldier in Iraq as they communicate through Skype. Inspired by his son’s battle with discrimination, the soldier begins a story which he is unable to finish. The soldier’s note: "Finish the Story" propels the play’s plot as the critically injured soldier’s journal is discovered by a Middle Eastern young woman risking escape and is passed on to others in parallel circumstances: from the Middle Eastern emotionally traumatized dancer, to an aging pre-Alzheimer French woman who reminisces about her days in the French Resistance, to an American teacher who passes the book of MOXIE on to a young inner city child facing his own set of restrictions and opposition, the play tells the book's remarkable journey. A moving friendship develops between that child played by Jaden Robinson and an older European book binder played by David De Vries.The note "Finish the Story" becomes the impetus for the play's saga of the book of MOXIE as its characters each rise up, liberating themselves and changing our lives in the process.

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