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Stargazing...Horoscopes by Ariel Rose

Aries March 21 - April 19

You are feisty, dynamic and independent this month! In your career, relationships and at home you definitely want to take the lead. The best part is that you are exuding a refined confidence now, so other people will be more open to handing you the reins of leadership. This is a good time to plan larger reaching career goals or work on a humanitarian project that will benefit the masses.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Your sense of adventure and desire to travel becomes s erious business this month. It’s a good time to plan out a meaningful and somewhat ambitious itinerary for a long-dreamed of getaway. At work you are independent and inventive - this will be a blessing unless you have strict or rigid co-workers that you have to convince. There’s plenty of intensity in your relationship area now, which could incite arguments or lead to passionate nights!

Gemini May 21 - June 21

This is a positive month to shine in your career and public life. You’ll be brimming with new thoughts and creative inspirations that you should share with others. Use your most professional and polished approach to get the best results, because others will be concerned with the practical applications of your ideas. Be gentle with yourself physically as taking too many risks could backfire at this time.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Relationships and your interior emotional life are significant this month. You’ll be going for deep, meaningful answers and conversations and will not be content with anything shallow or surface-level. You have a great deal of power to transform your relationships for better or worse, so use this strength wisely. Any therapy or counseling you undergo now can be of great benefit and inspire you in a positive way.

Leo July 23 - August 22

This can be a wonderful month for socializing and being with your groups of friends. However, you will need to be aware of some heavier energies that if left unchecked could leave you feeling tired and dragged down. Taking care of your health (both mental and physical) is important - especially in the areas of teeth, skin and bones, along with circulation and digestive wellness. Eat a good diet and clear your home dynamics to bring about greater healing.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

The influence of Aquarius amplifies your desire to heal and serve the world. This is a month where any charitable cause or greater vision of the future comes into play for you. You excel at organizing details toward a positive end. Your creative energies are also at a high, with potential to create something foundational that will stand the test of time. Expand your idea of what you believe is possible, because you are capable of bringing large dreams to life!

Libra September 23 - October 22

You may feel like stepping out into the spotlight this month and claiming some of your due rewards. If you’ve been overly compromising in love and friendships, you will likely start requesting some reciprocity in your interactions. If you’re newly coupled, if could be moving slower than you like, while the deeper emotions simmer beneath the surface. Be patient for now! A long-term relationship may go through some challenges, but emerge stronger by the month’s end.

Scorpio October 24 - November 22

Your personal energy is strong and you should be feeling more harmonious with you own identity. In relationships, you want to communicate and share deeper ideas and feelings. This is mostly a positive thing, but be aware that your intensity might scare off gentler individuals. Only open up to grounded, solid people who can handle your passion and direct style of thinking! Home is a good area of cultivation now. You can work to liberate or release some area of your living situation that needs a change.

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21

Overall, this is a month to let your thoughts and dreams roam freely and allow yourself to communicate your ideas to others. You thrive intellectually during this time and should seek out kindred spirits for companionship. Having some quality alone time to work on a special project will also benefit you. If you have any unpaid bills or obligations, do your best to take care of them now, so you can relax and be more at ease.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Your personal magnetism and charm are attractive to others this month and many people will be drawn to you. Be selective about who you accept into your circle, because they could tend to extreme personalities of good or bad. If anything feels ‘off’ to you about someone, just move on - there will be plenty of positive people out there to connect with instead! Spend some time working on your finances and what you’d like to plan for in the future.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Happy Birthday Aquarius! You’ll be feeling stronger and brighter this month in regards to your personal identity and sense of self. This is also a deeply spiritual month for you and your emotions are more open and intuitive than usual. If dreams are vivid, remember to write them down. You could be drawn to a solo adventure or sabbatical journey to recharge and refresh your mental perspective. Allow your body and spirit what they need to flourish and live truthfully.

This month you should feel energetic and inspired, but will also be quite sensitive and may desire some alone time to work out your projects. You have excellent potential to turn your creative dreams into tangible reality at this time. Communicate with friends and associates who can assist you in bringing your higher vision to solid life. You want to make a real mark on the world and this is the perfect phase to start, further or complete just that!

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