• Don Martin

Colours...The Beauty of Diversity

Look around. Monochrome has left the building.

We live in a reality that has found itself in a strange situation - we are humans of all sizes, colors, cultures, voices. Our access to different cultures, resources, prosperity, and technology is greater than it has ever been. And yet…we find ourselves facing more separation and mistrust than almost ever before in history.

The fractures are all around us: religious ideals, political ideals, sexual identities, natural resources, racial diversity, ageism. Most of those who observe and pay attention to our society recognize that our nation…and perhaps every nation, and all people…are more afraid, more uncertain of the future and more angry than they have ever been.

Mindless eruptions of violence and rage reveal that this is so. Relationships fragmenting and ending over the slightest offense are commonplace. And that hints at a rage under the surface of things that has been waiting for an opportunity to blow.

I want to challenge you to google - at the first chance you get - the term “the danger of diversity.” You may be shocked at what you find. Voices around the globe are promoting the dangers of diversity and multi-culturalism by appealing to fear and the “loss” of our nation or our country or our values.

There is a very simple reason for this kind of fear-mongering, and the growing sense of tension, anger and mistrust that abounds…it is called DUALITY.

Duality is a way of seeing the world as “us” and “them” (or “it”). Duality says “mine”. Duality says “we are right, you are wrong.” Duality says “ours is better.”

Duality begins in the view of the divine that has been handed to us from centuries. It advocates a view of God as Wholly Other, and that we has humans are separated from this God. Our separation makes us unworthy of the Love and Blessing of God, and is the cause of the bad things that happen in life.

However, if you look closely at the teachings of all the great spiritual leaders of the past 4,000+ years, you will find a very simple and common message: God and Humanity are ONE. And all of humanity are at the core ONE humanity. Differences in race, sex, culture, or even language all exist at the simple and primal level of humanity. They are truly and only “skin deep.” Pull back the skin of any human and you will find the same muscle, the same blood, the same skeletal structure - enough to make it impossible to distinguish between us. Our brains all work the same, our emotions are driven by the same genetic coding, we all feel love and fear and hope and anger. We all want the best for our children. We all want to see the earth kept safe and healthy, so that we can prosper as a race.

This pernicious concept of duality is a relic of the Piscean Age (the past 3,000 years of empire building and religious/governmental dominance). In the Age of Aquarius, a new way of knowing has begun to arise. It is a way that recognizes the UNITY of all things. Science has found a way of informing that belief, so that Unity is not just an idea or belief, but is a growing certainty within scientific credibility.

You and I are not different…though our skin color or sexual gender or economic status may be. We are all part of one another, and if you suffer, I suffer. If you prosper, I prosper.

This issue of Aquarius deals with issue of race…but only in context of Diversity, Unity and Love. As we learn more about the intricate and amazing energy unity of our universe, we see that we are all one, and that we can experience the beauty of Unity in our Diversity.

Curiously, our experience of Unity will begin as we learn how to Love ourselves, and to allow Self-Love to blossom into Genuine Love…not for the Other, because THERE IS NO OTHER!! If you love yourself…you will be loving all that is, because all that is is YOU, and in a very real sense, you are all that is.

Got it?? Namaste!!!!

Don Martin is the publisher of Aquarius Magazine, and the CEO of Aquarius Media Network. He is also an energy healer, a "quantum shaman" and spiritual counselor specializing in grief and identity processes.


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