• Don Martin

Reclaiming the "New Age"

2016 is here.

And I hear the crashing of the waves of a New Age. It has not arrived in totality…but the Shift is happening, and you would have to be living under a rock (like the guys in the Geico commercial) to miss it.

The cosmological/astrological age of Pisces is shifting to the cosmological/astrological age of Aquarius. Astrologers (and astronomers) are quick to point out that “ages” are man-made devices to understand where we are in terms of space, and are not “lines in the sand” that demarcate where one Age ends and one Age begins. But…the Shift is happening.

As our solar system, perched on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy and spinning around the center (which is about 100,000 light years away) moves through space, we move in terms of relative position to the center and to the constellations that we have created as signposts in the heavens.

In addition, the earth “wobbles” on its axis, exposing us to different sections of the star background as we move through space (I’m trying to make this simple…it ain’t easy!!). Therefore the constellations that dominate the night sky as we move through this precession change over the course of time.

The study of this phenomenon and its impact on human spiritual development is called sidereal astrology. The sidereal zodiac is the position of the sun referenced against the star background, as a measure of the flow of time. The framework for the star background is the constellations the sun passes in front of in its passage around the galactic center.

As you can imagine…this is a vast and cosmic portrait! It measures zodiacal influences, not in terms of days or years, but in terms of millennia! Most sidereal astrologers recognize that a Cosmic Age (ie, the Age of Pisces) lasts around 2,150 years. At this point in history, the “background” constellations are Pisces and Aquarius. As our solar system moves through space, the background constellation is shifting from Pisces to Aquarius. This is what is referred to as the “shifting of the Age.”

Those of us alive on the planet right now…and in the next 50 to 100 years…are fortunate (and perhaps destined) to be living through the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Why? Well, let me step aside for a moment to observe this: Astrology has been around a long, long time. It is perhaps the oldest method of observation and analysis on the planet, and many believe astrology gave birth to what eventually became known as the scientific method.

Astrology began as a means of locating oneself according to the most unchangeable feature known to ancient humanity…the stars. Humans devised ways to see patterns and shapes in the stars, and attached meaning to those shapes. Initially, it was done to help us get from one place to another; it was an ancient mapping system.

Over the centuries, however, we began to notice patterns - patterns in behavior, in attitude, in experience. These patterns lined up with the shapes we had created in the stellar display above our heads.

It seemed that people born during a certain time of the year would possess certain qualities, and the precession of their lives would take a certain path. Human events could be understood and even foretold…with an amazing degree of accuracy. It became apparent that there was some kind of connection between the stars above us and the realities of human life down here on planet earth.

Do the stars actually control our creation and our destiny? No rational person would accept that idea…on the other hand, there does appear to be some kind of “force” at work in the cosmos that corresponds to stellar constellations and human behavior and history. The patterns are there.

Identifying and understanding (or trying to understand) these patterns is what astrology is all about. As I said, it is the world’s oldest “science” (and it is science in the purest since of the word…it uses the methods of observation, analysis and prediction based on measurable realities).

So…what does sidereal (or galactic) astrology have to do with us, right here and right now? I will answer that question next month. Until then…pay attention to the stars above your head. They have an amazing story to tell.


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