• Cathy H. Burroughs

Understanding Capricorn

Happy Birthday, reliable leader Capricorn!

As a practical earth sign rule by the strict disciplinarian and planet of rules and regs Saturn, you are the Ceo of the Zodiac. Your focus generally is on ambitious desire to succeed, your standing in society, fairness and wanting to treat everybody with respect and your willingness to learn the ropes and come up from the ranks.

Represented by the seagoat or mountain goat, you are willing to put in the time, as you assiduously advance to the helm of whatever endeavor you set your sights on. With little regard for fly by night or overnight success, Capricorn builds his or her foundation painstakingly. In recent years the transiting planets in Capricorn have reshaped the sea goat’s psyche and helped them overcome oppressive adherence to old school notions that have outlived their usefulness. Naturally conservative and reserved, Caps can actually be kind heated and charismatic even becoming warm and cuddly teddy bears, once people around them prove to be trustworthy, without a hidden agenda. Also they are often extremely mature in youth and seem to discover their youthful insouciance as they age.

In the professional realm noted for their fatherly compassion and nurturance, you will find more Capricorn bosses than probably any other sign. They tend to provide employees who prove their worth and ability tremendous latitude to do their jobs with freedom and mutual regard. While they may not easily express emotion or give flattery a word of appreciation from a Capricorn boss will mean a great deal.*

In 2016

The evolutionary sign of Pluto has been in your sign for the past few years and through 2023, Cap, where it has been forming a challenging growth square to Uranus. This means that in the lives of Capricorns your inherent infrastructure is continuing to be recreated from the ground up. There is an amazingly auspicious trine to Jupiter in Virgo that will make EVERYTHING go smoothly, harmoniously and bring great benefit your way until Jupiter changes signs and moves into a Square to Libra next September! Mark your calendar for a Red Letter day when Venues and Jupiter conjoin in Virgo on August 27th and watch for a fascinating national drama after the November 8th U.S. Election when Jupiter and Pluto form a T-Square. Enjoy the wild antics of the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey where all bets are off - for, well, just about everyone! Get ready for the Quantum Leaps of a rare Fire Monkey Year!


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