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Dear Dream Experts,

I am walking downtown with my husband. We walk into a store and Samantha is there, the manager of our apartment complex. It is a coincidence I ran into her because I had an appointment with her soon. We all walked to her office for my appointment. Although she is the manager of our apartment complex, in the dream she was an electrologist. At her office she had a funny looking monkey that I petted. Then she had this decorative candle set that she wanted me to touch. I touched part of it and it was hot and hurt my finger.



Dear Confused,

You are aware of the many tools and supports for the mind (downtown stores sell things that could potentially make your life easier. For example, a furniture store sells things that would support your mind. A store that sells food would be offering you knowledge.) At one store you meet with an aspect of yourself that you realize has another side to it (you recognize Samantha as your apartment manager, but in the dream she has another job as an electrologist.) The electrologist who removes unwanted hair would be symbolic of the part of yourself that removes unwanted thoughts. You have some habitual way (represented by the monkey) of getting rid of unwanted thoughts. The thoughts you want to get rid of relate to the details of your life purpose (your finger was the focus). We would suggest looking at how you view your life purpose and finding ways each day to do something related to the advancement of your life purpose.

Dear Dream Experts,

I dreamt I was at a wedding. There was a long aqueduct that some people put a rug over so the bride could walk down it. Then they brought a ladder in where she was supposed to walk up as well. The bride walked down the carpet and up the ladder. After the ceremony I was sitting next to my husband. A man came over and pulled out a gun. He pulled the trigger but nothing happened because it wasn’t loaded, or it was fake. After that I ran into my bedroom and locked the door to be safe.


Frightened Wedding Guest

Dear Frightened Wedding Guest,

This dream indicates you are making a commitment to some way of thinking or acting (wedding). If you do not know the bride in the dream, then you are unclear exactly what type of thinking you are committing to. This commitment will lead you to attain a higher consciousness (going up the ladder). This commitment is making you feel you are begin forced into a change (the man pulling a gun). Since the gun does not fire, there was no change made (no death) but there is the foreshadowing that change is on the horizon. You want to avoid making any changes so you close your mind off to this (hiding in your bedroom and locking the door). We would suggest that any time you make a commitment to a new way of thinking, you often need to change something about yourself to adapt to this new way of thinking.

Dear Dream Expert,

I dreamt I was hosting a baby shower for someone. I put lots of food out and then I realized I hadn’t planned any games, so I was quickly trying to think of some games for us to play. I was critical of myself for not planning this party better.


Party Pooper

Dear Party Pooper,

You are celebrating the birth of a new idea that is forthcoming. (babies are new ideas). There is a lot of knowledge (food) available about this, yet you realize you haven’t thought of ways to approach life with this new idea ( games represent how we approach life.) We suggest you view life as a game and lighten up! Rather than criticize yourself, make life fun by strategically planning how to live your purpose to the fullest!

Kathryn and Patrick Andries, the Dream Experts, are the authors of Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed and The Dream Doctor, released by Ozark Mountain Publishing. If you would like your dream to appear in a future article, send it to Kathryn and Patrick reserve the right to edit any dreams submitted to suit the needs of the article. Learn more at


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