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Welcome fellow Stargazers!

Happy New Year to everyone as we begin 2016. We welcome chilly January with the Sun traveling through the ambitious and resilient sign of Capricorn. This 10th sign of the Zodiac represents mastery of the material plane and presides over money, banks, big business, public career, higher goals, institutions and foundations. Capricorn is responsible, serious, careful and hardworking. Their symbol is a sure-footed goat with a mermaid-like fishtail. The pure goat personality is a reliable soul who climbs the mountains of life steadily and will allow nothing to stand in the way of their date with destiny. The fishtail (in similar fashion to Pisces) depicts the melancholy often experienced by Capricorn. However, it is also this 'divine' sadness that allows many goats to become great musicians, poets and writers. Just like famous Capricorn Michael Stipe sang 'Everybody Hurts' - the goat understands the difficulties of life and will encourage you to carry on in the face of adversity as they most certainly know how to do.

If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn-influenced person, don't be surprised if it takes some time to really get to know them. The goat is slow to trust and hard to move once they are attached. They don't give promises quickly or lightly, because they mean them to last. Their ruling planet is somber Saturn, whose stern voice keeps Cappy in check. This is the sign who often works late, while everyone else goes to the party. Capricorn tends to have a lonely soul, yet they are very particular about who they make friends with. Most goats only need a few super close friends for life who they can share and grow with over the years. They are incredibly nostalgic and often prefer trusted old methods over new-fangled inventions. Their often gruff exterior conceals a heart of true gold and they are more emotional and imaginative at the core than most will ever realize. Think of 'Lord of the Rings' author J.R.R. Tolkien, the Capricorn who loved history and linguistics and used them both to create an amazing fantastical world of stories.

The goat can be a curmudgeon, but they are the friend who won't abandon you when the going gets tough. They also have a magical 'reverse-aging' quality (one of Saturn's compensations for being a harsh boss!) so they do get lighter and 'younger' as they get older. Show them kindness and encouragement and you'll have a serious ally in any weather!

Heads up this month, as we have a 20-day Mercury retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn that will start on the 5th and end the 20th. Mercury retrogrades always make life wacky, with miscommunications, lost items, being late for work, electronics acting up, etc. This one will affect career and the future, so although you may contemplate a change of job or a big move, don't put anything into effect until after the 20th has passed.

Our Full Moon for January occurs on Saturday 23rd at 8:46 EST in dramatic Leo! Emotions will run high and the best way to channel this energy is into a creative adventure - do some crafts, listen to music, go dancing or to a movie and enjoy the best that the Full Moon in Leo has to offer.

Be well, warm and safe!

Aries - Your personality is extra outgoing and dynamic this month and your social activities could go through the roof! Career is powerful and highlighted, you could be offered promotions or advancement. Be careful to see all sides of any move you're thinking of making. People with ulterior motives or hidden agendas should be revealed and avoided. Your mind is definitely on the future and what you can do to make this year shine!

Taurus - You could be feeling itchy in your present career and might be ready to spread your wings to new territory. Don't make big choices until after the 20th, but weigh all the options in advance. Socially, this is a sit by the fire and watch the snow fall kind of month and you can catch up on some needed rest and relaxation. Relationships are fiery and passionate, which can add some wonderful spice as long as you can keep from arguments.

Gemini - You'll be feeling deeper and more emotionally secretive than usual. Your probing mind wants to get to the bottom of things and you won't be satisfied with shallow answers. Relationships can be adventurous and warm, but there is also a serious vibe hanging over them. Being with old friends you trust and can open up to about your heavier emotions are best for you at this time.

Cancer - Relationships are strongly highlighted this month and you'll be looking for deep, mystical connections and people who help you transform yourself. Your legs and lower back might need some care, so make sure to walk, stretch and perhaps check into the chiropractor. There are many influences that will challenge your comfort zones now, so breathe and go with the flow!

Leo - It's time to focus on your personal health and well-being. Take some time to get a check-up, have a dental cleaning and take more calcium to care for your bones. A creative project could get more serious now and pick up momentum for being presented to a larger audience. In relationships you are extra idealistic and will only give your time to those you can see a future with.

Virgo - Your home environment could be disruptive this month, which could present itself in the form of visiting relatives, repairs, moving or arguments. If it gets to be too much, take a break and spend time outdoors at a park or library for some quiet space. Your creative interest is high, so you could benefit from some time at a museum, concert or cultural event. If you have an intuition about a health-related issue, follow your instinct as you are probably right on.

Libra - The New Year signals some new foundational changes. Much of your energy will focus around the home and transforming where you live. This could lead to a new move, renovation of a current living situation or a more 'spiritual' inner house cleaning. You will also be emotionally and mentally restless, but quite serious about determining your personal philosophy and 'raison d'etre'. Seek to find and employ your reason for being.

Scorpio - January is a dynamic and energetic month, as Mars in your sign amps up your personal drive and motivation to get things done. You will have new, innovative ideas around your home environment and could be ready for some sweeping improvements that will benefit everyone who lives with you. Conversations are meaningful and productive now. You will have a balanced attitude toward finances and will know how to save, but also where to spend and enjoy.

Sagittarius - January brings a need to rest and withdraw a bit from socializing too much. Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde this month, so you'll be primarily in review mode. Your physical energy could be lower than you're used to, so don't hesitate to get some extra sleep or work from home if possible. Balancing your finances is favored and will benefit you in the long run. Advice from a trusted friend or counselor is your best bet for gaining clarity.

Capricorn - Happy Birthday to the Goat! Give yourself permission to kick up your hooves and have a little fun because you've no doubt earned it! This is a positive month for you if you just watch out for Mercury retrograde and put most of your plans into action next month. You may have new ideas about a business venture or unusual way to make more money. Your personal drive is passionate and intense, ensuring you'll only commit to what you absolutely love!

Aquarius - This is a month where your deepest emotions can come to the surface and leave you feeling more vulnerable than usual. It's a great time to write in a journal or work at a creative project that allows you to channel all those sensitive feelings. At work you are no-nonsense and will want to take the most direct route to accomplishing goals. In spite of the Mercury retrograde now, your mind is still focused and crystal clear in it's observations.

Pisces - Your humanitarian and charitable inclinations are felt this month and you will find much satisfaction now from helping others. There could be a prickly situation with a co-worker, but don't let it scare you. Keep your calm, speak truthfully and kindly and your flexible nature should win the day. This is a positive month to plan for a vacation to a place that you feel spiritually connected to. If you can't physically travel, read some good books and take a dream journey!


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