• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot


ACE OF CUPS: The start of the new year is a good opportunity to meet new people, especially those who are positive and upbeat. New relationships can come your way if you make an effort to get out, attend events and gatherings, and bring fun and play into your life. This can also be a time of reigniting the spark of current romantic relationships by getting out of your routine and doing things you have never done before—exciting, inspirational activities such as traveling to new places (which don’t have to be very far away), going to concerts or plays that are uplifting, or just planning ahead to spend more time together.

2 OF SWORDS: The new year may bring with it some decisions that need to be made about where your life is headed for the next several months. Be sure to take a balanced approach to any decision-making that is required--use your analytical left brain to fully assess the situation, identifying pros and cons. Your intuitive right brain will help when you ask yourself how you feel about the issue—what would be best for you, or what would make you happy. This approach will allow you to see any potential pitfalls that may get in the way of clear thinking and making wise choices.

JUSTICE: See January as an opportunity to introduce more balance and harmony into your life. Perhaps last year you spent too much time working rather than setting aside play time, or maybe you could have worked more efficiently, thus allowing more social time. If we don’t have fun, we may start to view life as boring, becoming restless and dissatisfied. Start today by promising yourself that at least once a week you will do something that makes you smile and that brings joy into your heart. It can be merely going outdoors, seeing a movie, exploring a new place you have never been, or being with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

5 OF WANDS: Some challenges may arise during the month, but this does not mean that you have to stay in a negative space of worry and anxiety. It is all about perception, and how you view a difficulty or bump in the road. If you take a playful approach rather than one of doubt or fear, you will see that the issue may not be as bad as you made it out to be in the first place. Trust that you will be able to deal with it; ask for help if you need it, and then go ahead and do something to handle it. You have the ability to do this as long as you don’t wallow in feelings of insecurity or any kind of negative energy. See the new year giving you the resources you need to tackle any challenge that arises.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: January will be filled with some exciting possibilities that can increase your sense of happiness and gratitude for the entire year. Seek out new relationships by making a conscious effort to attend gatherings or meetings where you know like-minded people will be. Put a spark in a romantic relationship by doing something different for a change—get out of old ruts, and you may be amazed at the results. Bring equilibrium into your life by approaching decisions through a combination of intellect and intuition. Continue to stay balanced by enjoying more fun times with friends and family rather than feeling guilty for engaging in play time; you deserve some rest and recreation. Re-create what you want this year to be! See difficulties or challenges as hurdles that you can easily cross, knowing that a positive attitude will go a long way.


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