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Wise Goddess

We are in the realms of a Goddess consciousness, wanting deeply to be nurtured and cared for. Many are searching for a reconnection with our divine femininity and further into our sacred spaces, intuitive arts, and sexuality. We are reconnecting to our sacred womb space once again learning to nurture not only ourselves but others as we relearn that Spirit/Creator put more than enough for all of us and had no intention of women being in competition with one another. We each were given special features and gifts to share with each other. What a great time to begin circling with women, sharing ideas, recipes, sorrows and triumphs. Sacred women, circling in groups is such a profound and powerful experience especially when you begin to learn and honor one another in a different perspective than we have originally been taught in the patriarchal society.

If we as women started more and more to gather and heal these old wounds that have been bestowed upon us we would become such a strong force again for our planet. She needs healing and nurturing just as bad as we do. There are many things that are pulling us away from connection and consciousness that we must learn to categorize and carefully learn from.

Let us take the internet for example and the vast amount of knowledge that is available there and on social media. We look to these places for answers and connection, but, do we truly get the truth or real connections? Don’t get me wrong, I love social media; it has made connections for me that I would not have had unless I was a well-traveled socialite. However, have you noticed that when sitting in a restaurant most people are looking down at their cell phones? This has me wondering how we are to socially evolve and become more conscious if we are staring at these lovely devices.

I have worked to try to get my own family to put down their phones while we are eating and spending time together and when my ladies are in the Red Tent or at a Sisterhood circle then we consciously connect and release all needs to be intertwined with the internet. I feel that in searching for connection and trying to understand this vast awakening that is happening in warp speeds that we must wisely start looking at what is surrounding us. Take time to make real tangible connections, face to face, spirit to spirit. These forms of connection are far more satisfying and are extremely beneficial to us as a human race. We were not put her to be so unattached from each other and ourselves physically and emotionally.

Let us all stand up in this amazing New Year 2016 and be more connected on a physical level than we are now. We are in a 9 year in numerology and that means we should be coming to the end of old patterns and ways. It’s a year of integrity and wholeness and no wonder why we have been searching and becoming so aware. It is time to get rid of all the bull (you know) that is no longer serving us so that we can become the best Goddesses we can be.

Sisters it is time to rise up! Stand in our power and get this planet and humanity into a more conscious and loving state of being. Together in numbers we are powerful, it’s time for a revolution of Goddess Conscious Women to rise and come together in solidarity. Ladies, we are the mothers, healers, wise women of this planet and we are here to do what was intended raise consciousness! So let us stop the body shaming, jealousy, back stabbing, and let us instead support, honor, love and become compassionate towards each other.

When we learn to support each other’s differences and become a sisterhood of many different talents and abilities we become an unstoppable force of nature that Spirit created to sustain and make this planet a humble and wonderful place to live.

Sisters, I call to you to find your tribe because they are calling to you too. Let’s make this year ours!

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