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A new world paradigm is coming about as the old one is dying out. This is a time of great change…. of shift, renewal, and rebirth.

“At the pinnacle of any epoch of growth, a society will begin to manifest its shadow aspects, aspects that have been driven into the unconscious. It then becomes a collective challenge to embrace our projections and seek unity through union with what we fear.” [Maya Cosmogenesis]

We must learn to love all the parts of ourselves. And, as we do, this automatically translates itself to others.

These times have been written about all through the ages by several different sources. The Mayans believed that “a door into the heart of space and time would open in the year 2012”.

In December of 2012, there was a planetary line-up that had not happened in 26,000 yrs. This created an “opening” in space, with the earth receiving all of these energies at once. Most of us are very aware of the feeling of everything speeding up and going faster. “Overwhelmed” is a term I hear pretty much every day now from someone or another.

The earth itself is also going through this shift. It is constantly adjusting and rebalancing [as are we]; as we see daily in the weather patterns; earthquakes, floods, droughts, blizzards, etc.

The Mayans believed this would not be the “end” of the world, but, a brand new beginning.

It has been interpreted in many different ways. But, certain things remain the same through all of the predictions.

Nostradamus predicted so many of the things we are witnessing on the news every day now. He was uncannily accurate on so many counts. But, he left an open window of time from the period from 1987 to 2012. This same open window was pictured on the walls of the Great Pyramid.

Many have said this is when so many of us would become “conscious co-creators”....learning the Laws of the Universe for ourselves. On a global scale, the world is encountering its’ shadow in the form of pollution, institutionalized corporate greed, political and social instability.

On a personal level, all the things hidden within us will come up for the opportunity of healing and release. If we don’t deal with these things on a mental or emotional level, they will manifest into the physical plane in our bodies in the form of illness; so that, we cannot miss seeing it.

It can also manifest in other ways. It can be helpful to first see what is NOT working in our lives. Where do we need to make changes that are more in harmony with who we truly are?

Some of our relationships will change. We will outgrow some. Others will evolve and deepen. You may want to change your job. Or, you may deepen the way you do your present job....therefore, finding more real “purpose” in it.

All of this is creating “space” in your life for something new to emerge. This something new is a real and true living connection to the Spirit [Higher Self, Inner guidance, intuition, etc.] within. A switch from looking OUTside yourself, for answers and fulfillment, to INside.

As we begin to shift, it is normal to go through a period of insecurity and uncertainty. One way is dying out; another being born. You may feel very vulnerable. Just keep going within for strength and clarity. It will get stronger and stronger as you do. Your inner voice will become clearer.

The need for external security will lessen. You will become more comfortable with uncertainty as you learn how to be more and more in the present moment.....knowing the answers will be there exactly when you need them.

Where is this all leading? To the reconciliation of our inner and outer purpose in this world. The bringing together of the essence of consciousness into the world of form. This is the transformation of the world......the reconciliation of the World and God.

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