• Laura West

Big Leaps From the Ledge!

Are you passionate about being conscious and intentional about what you are creating in your life? Life is so much more interesting and creative when you believe that you can have and do anything we really want in life.

If something isn’t working in your life or business you want to identify where the friction is. Ask yourself how can you get it flowing again? What needs to shift? What needs to be embraced and where do you need to let go.

You have to get comfortable being really uncomfortable standing on the ledge before you take that big leap.

I’ve made the big leap in many forms: moving from my hometown to the big city of Chicago in my 20’s, to leaving a stressful but six-figure job in corporate to start my own business to leaving behind two marriages I either outgrew or weren’t healthy for me, to shifting my brand and reinventing my business every few years.

I made literal big leaps too! In a tandem hang glider off Mt. Tamalpais and also jumping off of a small platform 50 feet up in a tree to zip line to the ground.

It takes a big heart, huge trust in yourself and in something bigger than just you. It also takes a gigantic commitment to be your best version of you and inspire others to do the same!

I still remember standing on a wooden platform 50 feet up in a tall tree in the redwoods of California literally contemplating my big leap. I still had adrenaline jitters from climbing this impressively tall tree. Just making it up onto the platform was an amazing accomplishment. Then to turn around and jump off… I was shaking like crazy!

I know I had a safety harness on and in theory would zip line safely right down to the ground but letting go of the edge was so scary. In fact, I did a whole dance around standing at the edge of the platform willing myself to step off, then sitting down on the platform thinking about scooting off the edge and then standing again and sitting again.

It’s kind of funny when I think about it now, but I was so full of fear at the time.

I finally looked out over the horizon and I could just make out the light blue edge of the Pacific Ocean and I started breathing again. I got grounded and got clear about what I wanted. I wanted to experience the fun of zipping down to the ground and the only way I would do that was to leave the safety of my little nest in the tree. So I sat down and scooted to the edge of the platform, closed my eyes, felt into that deep trust and pushed off….and after a brief moment of terror feeling the bottom go out from under me - it was exhilarating!

I can honestly say that the torture I put myself through on the platform was way more agonizing than actually taking the leap!

So whatever leap you are facing in your life or in your business know that standing on the ledge drowning in JoyFear is worse than actually taking the leap.

Once you leap, you are in action and it’s in this place that you can co-create and be in your power with the experience.

Laura West is a Creativity Strategist, Creative Success Coach and the Founder of the Center for Joyful Business,

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