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Writing A Spiritual Contract...Can You Negotiate With God?

Negotiate with God? I am not one to get down on my knees and beg for God or the Universe to deliver me from whatever mess I have gotten myself into. This type of negotiation is not one made out of desperation, it is one carefully crafted, thoughtfully written and is a way to strike a contract to be of service to spirit while attending to some of the mundane 3D issues we have in this reality.

After I lost my high profile corporate job, I was just that…lost. Even though I understood the bigger picture of why the universe would suddenly pluck me out of a situation, my ego was really smarting. Having relied heavily on the exterior trappings of the job to define me, when it was gone I felt as though I had no identity.

Since I did not want to go back into the job force, I suddenly found myself a solopreneur.

At the time I didn’t possess the entrepreneurial drive or spirit characterized by high risk/high reward, or the inner push to propel my business forwards, therefore solopreneur pretty much summed up the way I felt about my business… solo and very alone. I was used to working with other people, knowing what the parameters of a project were, who my target market was and getting paid without thinking about it. I had no idea what I was going to do, who I could sell that unidentified service to or how on earth I could ever eek out a living doing it, whatever the heck “it” was. During this very lost and dark time as I was dreading going to an event where people invariably would ask me , “what do you do?” my guides glibly said, “tell them you work for spirit.” At first I laughed, but in retrospect I knew it was true.

All my life, even when I was in a corporate job, I knew my purpose was to help others. Suddenly that didn’t seem so far off the mark. When I was fired from corporate I vowed there had to be a kinder gentler way to do business, maybe that was a direction to look. But I was still faced with the question of what it was I could possibly do to fulfill that destiny. I decided to go back to basics. I would never have taken a job without a contract, so that seemed like the logical place to begin. When I started in corporate I didn’t know all the details, just a fairly broad job description of the duties along with the benefits the company would provide. Benefits?? Could I actually have benefits from spirit? I decided it was time to draw up a contract; to agree in broad terms to what I would be doing and be so bold as to outline what I wanted in return.

Here is an example of the contract:

I agree to be a conduit , to allow spirit to work through me for the benefit of others to facilitate their awakening and healing. In time it will be revealed to me the exact details of how to do that and what I will be doing, for I know spirit will use me in the best way possible to assist others. In exchange for this service, I ask that the people I am supposed to work with be drawn to me, that if training is needed it will come easily and present itself, that I will be paid in exchange for this work handsomely, so finances are never an issue. I ask that I have the willingness, trust and fortitude to listen to the call and recognize it when it is given. And ask that whatever I need be given to me in a way I understand it is the next step in the process.

Afterwards I signed and dated the contract, thankfully no notary required and filed it away. That was an important step in my process, because I communicated with spirit that I was ready to do the work. I left it open ended enough to allow a wide variety of vocations, modalities or directions to come in under that umbrella. And I have found that to be one of the tricks, keep the details broad enough that many things could manifest.

Developing a spiritual contract is a way to claim your spot in whatever it is you will be doing, it sets the intention and begins to develop the matrix in which the desired goal will fill in. And yes it is ok to set parameters in what you would like in exchange.

There has been a long held belief in the spiritual community that if you were doing transformational work, it was all one sided. How dare we ask for anything in return for healing or helping others! Well it is an exchange and you have skin in the game. Hear me now all you heart-centered entrepreneurs….you deserve to be paid for the services you provide!! A spiritual contract is a great way to formalize that agreement and lets the universe know you are ready to serve, no matter how that looks.

Spiritual contracts can be used in whatever business you are in. When I was in corporate my spiritual contract read as follows: I agree to be a conduit for spirit to work through me to help others facilitate their growth, awareness and healing. In exchange I ask that these people be drawn to me and become my clients. I ask that they purchase enough goods and services to allow us to engage in a meaningful relationship and to keep my company satisfied with quotas and sales figures to offset the time and effort spent with them. I ask that this all occur easily and effortlessly.

Obviously things shift and your focus or business will change as the matrix you created begins to materialize. Check back every six months or so to see if your contract is still relevant or does it need to be tweaked.

What is your answer to the title’s question “Can you negotiate with God?” My answer was yes, through a spiritual contract. Creating this document allows you to intend, agree and develop a construct in which to serve and in exchange you are asking for the things that will make that service possible and make you feel more comfortable doing it. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Becky Arrington is a Life Altering Coach and Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherapist who guides individuals and business owners in new behaviors and thoughts that remove limiting blocks and transform behaviors that stand in the way of success and performance. She specializes in Change Alchemy techniques that empower professionals to gain and sustain successful behavior in business and in life.


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