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  • Cathy H. Burroughs

Understanding Sagittarius

The sky and beyond is the limit for the great expansive fiery Sagittarius if the “L” word is even in this starry-eyed innocent’s vocabulary. For this Jupiter ruled optimist, anything but anything is possible. And for this Prince or Princess of the Lucky Break, that is exactly the case. Maybe it’s the old “if you build it they will come” principal, but whatever this fortuitous fellow or gal touches turns to gold. The only sign of the Zodiac that is part human, part animal, the Centaur or the Archer, has his or her bow pulled back with his or her eye on the prize. For a Sagittarius without a dream is like a virtual day without sunshine.

Perhaps they overextend themselves or their bank account from time to time and maybe with their “more is more” approach to life, they do not judge quite accurately what can be done in a 24-hour day. A Utopian who loves society and all that it offers, a Sag can be a rags to riches mogul, who makes a million from some cockamamie idea; to a religious fundamentalist; to a great adventurer who is never home longer than to change his or her socks.

A Sag may love the new age and metaphysics or reject it for more conventional religion, even religious fanaticism. They have a strong moral code, albeit, sometimes too strong. And don’t ask a Sag if you don’t want the truth. Tact is not their forte.

The perennial bachelor or bachelorette, the Sagittarian (don’t’ fence me in) is not prone to commitment, but if it does happen, it happens fast! The right career for a Sag offers unlimited potential, freedom with openings for all of your brilliant ideas and boundless enthusiasm. It was a Sag that broke all previous sales records week after week. Sports, academia, travel and financial investment are all areas that may attract a Sag professionally as do the 9th house areas (Sag's natural house) of law, religion, international travel, ethics and philosophy as well as higher education.

From 2014 to 2017 Saturn the planet of Karma, lessons, stabilization and restriction will be in Sag teaching us collectively lessons about multi-culturalism, different values and world views, fundamentalism and religious fantaticism. On the personal level, Sag's will be getting themselves established and being taken more seriously as they come into their authority and grapple with areas of responsibility and social hierarchy.

Jupiter the ruling planet of Sag - the Santa Claus of the Zodiac - which affects expansion, happiness, good fortune and prosperity has been in Virgo since August and will linger here til September 2016 indicating generosity and progression in the areas of health globally and locally as well as access to health insurance, and the principals of simplification, purification as it impacts our quality of life,food supply and alternative healing techniques and treatments. Personally, Sag's will be mastering the practical details that will lay the grown work for the foundation of their large scale dreams. For this transit, God is in the details, Sag, and there is no time better than the present to master the magic of day to day living and healthy habits that fortify you and propel you step by step to your big time destiny!

Cathy H. Burroughs, a previous VP of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS) has been featured on AIB TV and is a noted and gifted psychic/astrologer/healer and medium with an international clientele. Her appearance and accuracy of her predictions on Q-100's The Bert Show attracted more than 1,000 callers. Her company Psychic Solutions Entertainment provides world class psychics and out of the box entertainers for the holidays, New Year's, Valentine's, Mardi Gras as well as premiere private and corporate parties and special events. For a private session, to book an event, or learn more about classes and workshops, contact Cathy via, or call/text: (404) 543-1080. For more info, or


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