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Dear Dream Experts,

I am at school and I am going to test a student named Mark. I don’t have time to finish the test with him and it is the last day of school. The janitors come in and tell us to leave the building because they are closing it. I look for other student tests and can’t find them, and I ask the teacher if she threw them out and she says yes. I am upset. I am in her classroom and the phone rings. It is Mark’s father. He says he wants to help the teacher over the summer. I am glad he called because now I have his phone number to call and arrange a time to see his son and finish giving him the test. I tell the teacher about Mark’s dad wanting to help her over the summer. She says he needs to speak with John, a local spiritual leader. I was confused why she said this.



Dear Tester,

There is a developing aspect of yourself that you want to monitor and see how much it has progressed. (you want to test the student, which represents a developing or maturing part of yourself). As you are monitoring this new way of thinking, you are interrupted by other parts of yourself that remind you of the need to take a break (the janitors tell you to go home because school is over). You are also wanting to evaluate and measure other parts of yourself (searching for other tests). Once again a part of yourself is giving you the message to relax (the teacher threw the tests out). You are still concerned about evaluating yourself (you want to test Mark), and you recognize a related way of thinking (the student’s father) may be the missing key for you to be able to evaluate yourself. You are glad you are able to connect with this more mature part of yourself (Mark’s dad). This part of yourself is supportive, yet to be able to receive that support you need to have a spiritual connection (the spiritual leader).

Dear Dream Experts,

I dreamt I had a baby at home. My dad, mom, and 2 friends were there. One of my friends delivered the baby. It was easy to push it out. After I looked down I realized I hadn’t pulled out the umbilical cord, so I did that. A few minutes later I realized I hadn’t seen the baby, and that they had taken her next door to another room. I went to look at her and she was really big with a large face and lots of hair. I almost thought there was something wrong with her. She was drinking a bottle and I was furious about that. My friend said she was drinking another woman’s breast milk. I yelled that I wanted to breast feed her. I said “she should be drinking my breast milk, to get my immunity to things.” Someone wanted to see if my stomach was still big and I showed them how it was completely flat. I was going to sit and nurse my baby and then I woke up.


The Mother

Dear Mother,

This dream indicates you just gave birth to a new idea (you had a baby). You used various aspects of yourself to help make this idea a reality (your friend helped you deliver the baby). You realized your creation was ready to exist on its own (cutting the umbilical cord). You recognize that this idea is maturing quickly (the baby looked older than an infant). This could indicate you worked for a long time on this idea, so that when it finally came to fruition it was well developed. You are very attached to this new part of yourself and do not want anything to happen to it (you were angry that someone else was feeding the baby). You feel very protective of this idea and want to help nurture it (you want your milk and antibodies to protect it). You recognize that you have recuperated from all the work you put into this idea (your stomach is back to normal).

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