• Crystal Starshine

The Dark Goddess

How many times have you been kicked down so low that you felt as if the life had been sucked right out of you? I know I have taken many a blow in my lifetime and there have been days I have been laying on the floor in a pile of sorrow. This however is a time for rebirth!

This month can be cold, callous and downright brutal with temperatures low enough to freeze anyone to the bones if you are not prepared. Have you noticed the leaves are gone and the days are darker? This is nature’s way of saying it is time to die off, go within and grow that deep fire, that deep creative seed within your womb. Can you feel her wanting’s for you to bring your magic, your spark, fire, desires and truth to life? The Dark Goddess, she is calling you!

The Dark Goddess calls when we are in moments of shedding all that no longer serves us and this can come in forms of depression, loss, fear, anxiety. She never tells us things that are within that comfort zone we long to cling to. She is the voice within your soul reaching out to you to look within so that you can create change and rebirth a new even brighter you.

Journeying into these dark moments of our lives should not be hindered; they should be sought out and honored. Open your body, mind and spirit to the ever changing cycles in nature and the constant flow we are shown on a daily basis. Nature shows us in the seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The moon shows us every 28 days in her lunation from full to dark and back to full.

So why is it that we fight so hard to honor death within ourselves? Is it that we are afraid to see what may be our deepest desires hidden within our souls? Are we afraid to express our truest self for the world to see? I say F that! Let us start claiming our dark nights and the things that need to die in our lives, let us change, be reborn into the Goddess within us.

So, you may be asking how do I do all of this when it’s so hard? Practice! We constantly wait for a tragedy to hit or a bit of depression and then wonder why it’s so hard to get out of it. It’s because we don’t follow the simple laws and flow of the nature and cycles right in front of us. We tend to focus on the material world and the newest happenings and things around us rather than to focus on the symbols that were placed for us all to see.

Begin to flow with the seasons and the lunar cycles. In this current half of the year; Fall and Winter, we should be letting things go, getting rid of things in our lives that don’t serve us. Clean up your house, clean out closets and cupboards and make donations to your local thrift stores, food banks and animal shelters. In this simple process you are releasing and making way for new to come into your life. This will make room so that when Spring and Summer come you are working on all the new things that are growing and harvesting in your life.

You can also work on your death and rebirth monthly following the moon. When the moon is new focus on new beginnings and start new ventures and as it continues to wax or grow continue to manifest your successes, wealth and love. When the moon is full work on things that need an extra power jump giving your workings a boost and when the moon begins to wane or decrease it is a time to start releasing this is called the dark moon. This time is about 10-14 days after the full moon and just before the new moon.

When the flow within you begins to vibrate and move with the energy of the wheel of the year and the lunar cycles you will begin to feel harmony and balance within your everyday life causing your Spirit to shine.

Blessed Be

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