• Don Martin

The Age of Aquarius in Politics

2015 is coming to an end. A great reason to celebrate…except we are also in the early stages of a presidential campaign. Ugh.

Presidential campaigns are the ultimate in kabuki theater. We all know - especially at this early stage in the game - how much of a farce they are. Even the candidates understand that this is all smoke and mirrors…the real action happens after the first caucus in Iowa and the first primary in New Hampshire.

The one good result of presidential campaigns is that they tend to “wake up” the majority of the population to the nature of and reality of politics. People begin to pay attention to policies and issues that they tend to forget about in the rush and grind of every day life.

And this is a good thing.

Something is happening in this campaign that is unique and may ultimately be the most significant thing to happen in politics…and indeed our existence! Political “outsiders” are shaking up the electorate, and a trend is occurring in which new voices and new ideals are getting center-stage.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Bernie Sanders are getting the spotlight, and political insiders are being scorned as untrustworthy. Black Lives Matter is revealing to the nation that racism is alive and well, and may be more pernicious than ever. A new wave of student rebellion and protest is demonstrating that the self-centeredness of the Baby Boom generations is giving way to a new global consciousness. New civil rights being granted to gay people in marriage equality is challenging old paradigms established by religious world views.

All of these things…and more…are signs of the dawning of The Age of Aquarius. The time truly is now. For the past 3000 years the human race has been living in the astrological age of Pisces. The Piscean age was characterized by POWER…male-dominated authority, strong political and religious structures, top-down leadership, the concept of duality (ie, humanity and divinity are separated, and the individual is more important than the whole of humanity) and truth that was guarded by those in authority. Tribalism - manifested through religion and politics - was the dominant organizing force. That is why, in the Piscean age, thousands of nations and tens of thousands of religions have come and gone. (And remember, the dominant religion - Christianity - was symbolized by The Fish…which is the sign of Pisces).

These were all dynamics that were essential to the building of nations and the evolution of humanity. But they also had a down-side, as they led to oppression, control, war, and religious intolerance as nations and religions battled for supremacy.

The Age of Aquarius represents a New Age. The constellation Aquarius represents the outpouring of water, which is the ancient symbol for life and wisdom. The age of Aquarius represents a time when all of humanity will unify around themes of compassion, knowledge, and peace. The age of duality - which was central to the age of Pisces - is diminishing as a new scientific view of the world is revealing the ultimate unity of humanity and the transcendent.

As this new age of Aquarius dawns, the transition is chaotic. The powers, structures and beliefs established in Pisces do not want to give up their power. They are threatened by the progressive compassion and unified world vision of the Aquarian age. All around the globe, people are “awakening” (in fact, a recent Pew Research Center study has shown that we are currently living in the most intense and global spiritual awakening that has ever occurred in human history - however, it is an awakening that is NOT religious, and has been characterized as “spiritual but not religious.” Today, more people throughout the world tend to agree on spiritual ideas as opposed to the differences that tribal religions fostered).

As people are awakening (due in large part to the advent of the Internet, which makes knowledge - a key force in the Age of Aquarius - more readily accessible to more and more people), they are beginning to embrace their own power and are challenging political and religious structures created in the Piscean age. Thus, we have movements like Black Lives Matter, Million Person marches and protests, and the Occupy movement (which has toppled governments the world over).

An interesting observation - during the age of Pisces, Aries (Mars) was the dominant planet in the plane of the ecliptic, which made it readily observable from our planet. Mars was the god of war, and represented male dominated authority. Piscean structures choose war rather than compassion or cooperation to confront differences. That is why so many Aquarian movements are being confronted with violence through law enforcement and military operations.

The political turmoil we are seeing globally and right here at home is due to the turbulence of transition from Pisces to Aquarius. The reason for the rise of “outsiders” in politics is due to the spiritual hunger for a new age that people all over the world are experiencing.

Don’t expect to see an easy or quick resolution - the transition from one age to another takes decades, if not centuries. However, things are changing. If you are “awake” and can see and understand these changes, then you are uniquely empowered to influence others and make a difference in the realms where you are. Get involved. Speak up. Stand up. Activate your power. Invite others to join the Change. Don’t be afraid or angry…be empowered. Demonstrate love. The time is now…and we can change the world.

This truly is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!


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