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Still Point

Recently I experienced something that was very much like art and I was very hungry for its kindness. It came with two separate invitations - by two different people - to attend the same event. So I figured I would go and I am truly glad I did. Earlier that week I had felt a gradual despair come upon me. The circumstances causing this feeling? A nasty herniated disc at my L5, crawling for two days on my hands and knees and losing my job. So not to make you run for the kleenex box but I was experiencing a bit of pain. Now, also during this time I was in contemplation over what to write to you. My feeling about the world and myself were not in the best states of mind to write something “spiritual" to you. Just being honest. What hope or inspiration can I bring when it appears that everything that has brought me to this point is not working out in the physical world? Perhaps others are right and I have become too spiritual and no earthly good. Do you ever hear that voice in your head saying "who do you think you are?" Well, do not listen to that voice of doubt.

The truth is in the remembering. Here I was at a low point thinking low thoughts and the universe hears me and sends me into a new experience. All I had was an address. I did not know where I was going but I went. I get there and I see police directing traffic and I follow their lead and find a parking spot across the street. It is difficult for me to walk, sit and stand but I was here and I was going in. As I make my way to what I realize now is a temple, I began to see people from all different types of faiths.

The speakers had just begun. Wait - I see someone I know from Unity North Atlanta. They are greeting people and helping them find seats. I choose to stand in the back which is more comfortable. Children began to give prayers from many different religions and faiths. I looked around the room and then I closed my eyes...I am safe. I have peace. I feel your feelings. I see your beauty. I was in this assembly, that I am never alone and that I am wanted. And I belong.

When I got home my words flooded back to me and I had to write to you about my experience. It was a hand in the moment of doubt for me reaching out to remind me that we are all in this together. We are here to love and be loved. I don't know about you but I am great at loving but not always great at being loved back. I get anxious and impatient. Plus since I was little I have always been the giver and the caretaker, now I am the one needing to be cared for and it is showing up in a big way. Pain has a way of helping us forget all the good. We sink into a low vibration and it is very difficult to bring ourselves out of it. Here is our Still Point…we NEED others. Others are a wonderful reflection of the parts of ourselves that we can not find by ourselves. But here is the rub, you must become OPEN minded to see and OPEN HEARTED to feel. First your own needs and then the needs of others. This is not selfish - this is your first act of kindness. Self-care, self-love and self-nurture. You LEARN to love by LISTENING to your souls needs. The mental, spiritual, emotional and physical needs begin to spring up and jockey for position! They begin to speak in one accord "thank you, thank you, for listening and loving us”!

This event where I found myself, being loved by others in community - my community - was the 11th Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Celebration.

Being in pain, in a place of vulnerability, as a state of being although scary, is also sacred. I am filled with light and love for myself and for you. BE GOOD to you!! and hold the Still Point for each other...Love Is.

I am Phoenix Lea, a clear and perfect channel.


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