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Stargazing... Horoscopes by Ariel Rose - Sagittarius

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

We begin the festive month of December with the Sun traveling in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. This fire element sign is ruled by benevolent Jupiter and owes it's gregarious, expansive attitude to this influence. Sagittarians are gifted with an uncanny luck and good fortune that helps them bounce back from even the worst trials or hardest situations. They tend to look at the bright side and expect the best in the long run. There's no question why the most joyful holidays are celebrated around the time of the Archer. We party and make merry during most of December - until Capricorn shows up on the 21st and presents us with the bill! Now we understand why the holidays take a more subdued and calm turn when the sun shifts from extravagant Sagittarius to solemn Capricorn.

The typical Sagittarius personality will be a world-traveler (even if they never leave home, which would be unusual) and has a constant desire for knowledge. They can embody the 'eternal student' who studies many subjects, often never settling on just one because that would feel too limiting. The Archer needs freedom to shoot their pioneering arrows and forge new paths in the world. This sign is known for their truthfulness, which can often be rather clumsy and leads to frequently sticking their foot in their mouth. They are not for the super sensitive or faint of heart, because they will never soften the blow of their honest opinion. However, they are the friendly puppy-dog of the Zodiac and never mean any real harm. Any faux pas they commit are easily forgiven in the face of their good humor and sparkling quick wit.

This month gives us plenty of chances to be social and engaged with friends, yet there will be a serious and somewhat intense undercurrent. As Venus slips into mysterious Scorpio on the 4th, people will seek out interactions that are deep and meaningful. Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 9th and our mental reflections will turn to thoughts of stability and practical plans for the coming New Year.

Winter Solstice begins at 11:48pm EST as the Sun enters Capricorn, heralding the start of longer days and the traditional return of the light. Our Full Moon arrives on Christmas Day at 6:12am EST, in the home-loving sign of Cancer. Expect people to reach out for their friends and family in a very sentimental and nostalgic way. Cancer can also be moody, so go with the flow - even if it's a bit dramatic! Uranus - the planetary ruler of Aquarius - also turns direct on Christmas Day, giving us renewed energy to forge ahead into the future.

Happy Holidays and stay warm Snuggle Bunnies!

Aries - It's a great month of exploration and adventure for the Ram, as the fire of Sagittarius gets you motivated. Your relationships will have the potential to improve or you may initiate a new friendship or romance. Careful not to push too hard in love, because you are wanting everything all at once now! Planning out your actions or words is a wise move. Have a little patience with your loved ones and make sure to weigh both sides of any situation for the best outcome.

Taurus - You'll be pondering the deeper mysteries and secrets of life this month. Your interest in spirituality or personal psychological growth may manifest travel plans or new course of study. It's a great time to expand your mind and break past the old limitations of what is possible in your life. Relationships can be very revealing at this time, as you will clearly see who is a positive or negative influence. If possible, cut ties with anyone or thing that keeps you from progressing in prosperity.

Gemini - Personal relationships, work partnerships and joint agreements will be highlighted this month. You'll be ready to communicate and work out any problems, but it will be far from easy. Idealism is high and you are far more particular these days about what you want from a mate. If you've been lax about expecting better treatment, this is a good thing and you should stick to your standards - if not, try being a little more gentle on your loved ones.

Cancer - Your physical health and habits take center stage now and this could be a good time for an overall assessment. A checkup with the doctor is an obvious example, but this energy also extends to the Feng Shui and balance in your home and the health of your personal beliefs. As the year ends, cleanse your living space of anything giving off negative vibrations. Take time to review your goals and what you believe to be true about yourself. Positive affirmations taped to your bathroom mirror are a great idea!

Leo - You are in your element this month, as the optimistic energy from joyful Sagittarius warms your mood and bolsters your spirit. You could be feeling so open that you end up being a little too honest and accidentally hurt someone's feelings, so just tread lightly. Overall your humor and generous heart will shine through and you will have many opportunities to share meaningful time with others. You are focused on being a peacemaker now, so don't be surprised if you help stop a family feud or calm some troubled waters.

Virgo - The bold behavior of Sagittarius tends to step all over your refined sensibilities, so this is a month you'll need to go with the flow or just relax at home. Your domestic world is quite important now and it's very positive to spend some time cleansing and organizing your environment. A quick balance of your finances will go a long way to your peace of mind. If you have family difficulties, you may want to start the process of therapy or counseling to truly address the heart of your matter.

Libra - Your personal energy is strong and bright this month and communication will be constant. You may need to take a purposeful break from the phone or computer, as you'll be on everyone's 'call' list and will find it hard to resist answering. Saturn's influence makes you very studious, thorough and a little uncompromising now, so be careful to not be too harsh. However, if you are currently in school or studying something that requires great concentration - the timing is perfect.

Scorpio - It's a month about resources and personal values for the Scorpion. Time to review your personal finances and how you make your money in relation to how it embodies your higher truth. It may be that a more soul-fulfilling career calls to you, even though it requires a risk and is not as secure on the material level. This is intertwined with your own identity relationship. How much love and care do you give yourself? What could you do to create more compassion and integration for yourself and ultimately your loved ones?

The answers are yours to find.

Sagittarius - Happy birthday dear Archers! The Sun is strong with your sign this month and everyone will notice you. You'll be ready to enjoy some parties and good music with friends during this festive time. Romance may be dreamy, poetic and a little mysterious - expect to feel more creative and spiritual or to attract people who bring those qualities to your life. Your energy at work will be positive and you have extra influence over the groups you interact with.

Capricorn - While this may be a month of social activity for others, you will prefer your own company this month. It's not just the end of the calendar year, but the end of your Astrological cycle, so don't be surprised if you feel a little more introverted or withdrawn. This is completely normal and during this sensitive time, it's extremely positive to create, write, dream and be gentle with yourself. Invite close friends over to celebrate an intimate Winter Solstice gathering where you can share a special ritual or prayers for the New Year!

Aquarius - Your world vision and sense of philanthropy are heightened this month. You will be looking for an outlet to channel your need to help others. Seek out charitable groups, organize a food drive, volunteer at a local animal rescue or cook for a kitchen serving those in need. This will give you a great deal of joy and you're perfectly tuned to sense just the right way you can be of service. New friendships and alliances are likely to be forged as you follow your passion now.

Pisces - The Sagittarius Sun this month can be a bit abrasive on the Pisces fish. Be ready to 'laugh off' any comments that might sting you, as people tend to be painfully honest now. It doesn't hurt to remind them that a spoonful of sugar helps the 'medicine' go down! Your kind, sensitive approach can make you someone's special holiday angel at this time. Choose a person who could benefit greatly from your gentleness. Career is highlighted, so don't be afraid to stand out and make your presence known.


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