• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy Of The Divine Tarot


STRENGTH: Let your inner courage shine this month by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different or a little challenging. It could be going somewhere you have never been before, doing something on your own by yourself (especially when you feel more comfortable when with someone else), or taking a class that may require you to stretch and really think. Whatever it might be, consider taking a risk and see where it leads.

7 OF COINS: With the new year approaching, now is a good time to just start thinking about what you would like the year to be for you. It is not necessary to set formal goals or get really serious now, but just start thinking of one or two things you would like to accomplish. Perhaps you set goals last year that you did not achieve, or you find yourself going in a new direction and realize brand-new activities are called for. Some of your future goals may take time and patience, so get ready to make a difference in your life by thinking of them now and preparing to act on them later.

8 OF SWORDS: If you have been feeling trapped or indecisive, tell yourself that you are no longer going to put up with this. Ask for help to get out of whatever bind you find yourself in, if that what your intuition is telling you. Asking for help is different from expecting to be rescued, so remember that you have all that you need within you. It is just a matter of tapping into your own resources and having belief in yourself. Stop doubting yourself and your ability to make things happen. Our negative thoughts can hold us back if we let them take hold, and it then becomes more difficult to get out of the self-imposed prison. Now is the time for action.

6 OF WANDS: You will find success this month, so stay in a positive frame of mind and wait for your achievements to bear fruit. If you have worked hard and done your best, then know that your efforts will be paying off. Look for any kind of success—large or small—during the month, and give yourself a pat on the back for any progress that you have made. You are on the right track so keep going. Let the year end with joyous thanks for all that you have accomplished, and remember that you deserve to be proud of yourself for any hurdles you have succeeded in mastering.

MONTHLY TRENDS: This month will be promising in many ways, so start feeling the energy of becoming stronger and more courageous. You are stepping into your own power in many ways, and you are on the threshold of numerous wonderful things that may be taking shape in the new year. You will find ways to clear away doubt, confusion, or indecision by being willing to take risks, and you may even scare and amaze yourself by doing something you thought you would never have the courage to do. There is a great possibility that you will be successful in these endeavors, so start the month by knowing that the rewards you so rightly deserve are right around the corner.


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