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  • Susan McDowell


December is a time of great mystery. The month of the winter solstice has the shortest sunlit day of the entire year. And we equate darkness with “mystery”.

In ancient times, people held ceremonies and celebrations to “bring in more light”. They understood the opportunity at hand.

In the darkest hour of night, the seed breaks open and the sprout emerges. On the surface, it “appears” as if nothing has happened. Yet, latent just below, is an entire new life about to reveal itself.

We humans are affected in very much, the same way. The things that have been “hidden inside” are being “revealed”. If we can trust and ALLOW that it is all happening for our Higher Good, it will lead to healing, releasing, and balancing of our body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.

We each have our own personal connection to Source. It’s easiest to hear when we become quiet and go within.

All the answers to everything we ever need to know are right there for us in each moment. The more we can relax and trust the process, the easier the answers become.

The “Law of Attraction” is a 3-step process. Step 1. Ask [and this happens automatically just from our exposure to life. I’d like more of that, not so much of this, etc…] Step 2. It is given [the universe answers our request immediately] Step 3. Receive [this is the only part we need to work on……getting ourselves into the receiving mode]

The greatest thing that stands in our way of receiving all we dream of is we tend to continue to ASK………over and over and over again. When our request does not come, we get frustrated and begin to doubt the whole process.

The universe KNOWS what we want…..whether we have spoken it or simply thought it multiple times in our heads. The receiving mode is anything at all that occupies our thoughts in a positive way. It just has to feel good when we think it. Our feelings must match our thoughts for us to experience the manifestation of our request.

It is important to check our underlying feelings about our request. We can be “saying” positive words; but, feeling the “missing” or “lack” of the thing requested. If this is the case, it is better to think about something else that DOES feel good. OR, find a way to line up our thoughts with our feelings. We must “believe” our request is possible. Otherwise, the universe cannot deliver it to us.

So many answers are things we have not yet heard or seen in the world. The problem or question is at a different vibrational frequency than the answer or solution. We prevent these NEW ideas from coming by our limited thinking and/or our self-doubt. We tend to look at things in relation to what we already know or have known. This blocks something brand new from revealing itself. We tend to think the answer must be one of a certain few we are already familiar with.

When I find an answer is not forthcoming, I stop. I get very quiet and centered. I imagine that I know nothing at all. I tell the universe that I am open and ready for whatever it has to show me. I let go of the question completely and just sit in an open state. This is the “receiving mode”. It is the state of allowing that is required for a new idea or solution to break through into my consciousness.

It is better to begin practicing this process with something “simple”. We are more likely to believe it is possible if it is not too grandiose, or something we have wanted for a long time that has not come.

Once we prove to ourselves that this does, indeed, WORK……we may begin with things that are more meaningful to us. It is much easier now to hold the intention and trust that our answer is on its’ way.

We can begin getting excited as we hold the vision of our creation within………….now KNOWING that every single thing we encounter up until it manifests is just part of all the pieces coming together to make it a reality.

In reality, we do create it all. It is our choice whether we do it by default or DELIBERATELY!

Susan McDowell is a long time UIF supporter and contributor. She is a frequent guest on the weekly UI Radio Network “Good Intentions show” and also has a group on called Suzen Sessions.


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