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A Recipe For The Holiday

Here we are again, another year coming to an end. The older I get the faster time goes by and still I am so busy that there seems to never be enough time to get everything done. Add the holidays to the mix, the time I want to see my friends, have them over for some good food, get out and see the lights and work in some shopping time and I am in overload mode. How in the world am I going to do it all and keep at least part of my sanity? Do you feel like I do? You want to have a festive holiday party, but where will you find the time to prepare all the food and decorate the house? You could hire a caterer, but that’s expensive. Let me help you create a simpler holiday this year with good food that doesn’t take days to prepare and that your friends and family will love to eat. You can create holiday food so delicious your friends and family will be begging for more and it will be easier than you think.

Since the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year I thought you might appreciate one of my quick and easy delicious recipes that won’t absolutely exhaust you and will please your guests. This special recipe will work for a family reunion, dinner with friends, or an office party. The best part is that this recipe tastes great and is healthy too. Of course you don’t have to tell everyone how healthy it is if you don’t want to because sometimes when you mention the word healthy, immediately people think of dull, tasteless food and they make up their minds that they won’t like it so they won’t even try it. For this reason sometimes the less they know the better. After all, this recipe is for a celebration of life and holidays and this is the time to splurge.

Prepare this delicious dish, put it on the table and I guarantee the bowl will be licked clean. You might even get some requests for the recipe. Go ahead, share with everyone because a good recipe should never be kept secret. Do something really special for your friends and create a holiday card for everyone with a copy of the recipe inside the card. That’s a thoughtful gift that can keep on giving.

Prepare this recipe with green, red and gold because colorful food is more appetizing and these are the colors of the season. Most of all, whatever you prepare for the holidays have fun and do it with a heart filled with love. Food prepared with a loving heart always tastes better!

Use ORGANIC ingredients and filtered alkaline water for best results in these recipes.

A Celebration Of Colorful Greens

6 cups collards

2 cups dried cranberries

2 cups cashews

1 cup onion

1 cup yellow bell pepper

1 cup fresh orange juice

1/4 cup sesame oil

pinch cumin

pinch of cayenne pepper

2 tsp. Himalayan salt

Chop the collards, including the stems, into small shreds. Mince the onion and pepper.

In the Vita-Mix or other high-speed blender combine the orange juice, oil, cayenne pepper, cumin and Himalayan salt and blend until creamy. Toss this blended mixture with the collards, cashews, onion, pepper and cranberries and feast!

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