• Cathy H. Burroughs

Understanding Scorpios

Ever see the look on the face of the person who’s just learned your sun sign, Scorpio? Sheer and absolute terror, “A Scorpio, huh,” they say as they back out of the room. Because dear Still Waters Run Deep, your reputation precedes you. With ferocious Mars (you know, God of War) and elementally powerful Pluto (as in Plutonium, the active ingredient in the Atom bomb) as your co-rulers, fixed you is a fighting force terrible to behold.

You are, indeed, very often thought to be the most powerful sign in the Zodiac.

Mysterious and unknowable with a mental genius many don’t realize, you rarely show your hand. This gives you great allure, charisma and a sex appeal from which many that have met that mesmerizing Scorpionic gaze may still be recovering. As ruler of the sexual and reproductive organs, you govern the region of procreation, destruction and regeneration; and obsessive sexual love is no stranger to your lair. As the James Bond of the Zodiac, you probe the great mysterious and watery depths of life, death, sex and the supernatural.

The underworld is your haunt and the darkest underbelly of life is your element. Some of you have been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale and this is may be the source of your extraordinary intensity. It was a Scorpio, no doubt, that penned the memorable Clint Eastwood line, “Go ahead, make my day.”

Scorpios have the capacity to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of their life and reinvent themselves. Their discipline is second to none and due to their exceptional mental and physical resilience, may seem to live many lifetimes in one, often-facing down death or death like endings, time and again. A word of caution: If you value your life, don’t get a Scorpio mad. The sting of a Scorpio may put you out of your misery on a permanent basis.

Some of the greatest bad guys have been spawned by Pluto (mafiosa, double agents, assassins, drug and arms dealers and the worst kind of underworld low lives), as have some of the greatest and most brilliant good guys (the noble and courageous self-sacrificing general, the saint, the doctor who performs a medical miracle, the scientist who changes the course of human history). And, Scorpios may also surprise you: an apparent good guy may turn out to be a bad guy and vice versa. That's what keeps things really interesting.

Then there's also the average Scorpionic type, who has a little bit of both sides and still manages to live a fairly normal life, at least on the surface. It seems most likely that Scorpios more than any other sign lead double lives and it was the wife/husband of a Scorpio who woke up one day to find that his/her husband/wife had three or four spouses in three or four other countries, all of whom hadn't a clue that the other existed.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of death, taxes and intimacy and may have a pressing need for fusion in intimate relationships. You may often find them working in the realm literally of inheritance taxes, as well as finance and even in the area of relationship or sex therapy.

Fixed signs along with Aquarius, Leo and Taurus, they are in it for the duration and can show massive doses of endurance, stamina and perseverance. This water sign, intuitive, insightful, probing and mysterious with a curious mind that longs to understand the true nature of life and death, they has a natural affinity with their elemental co-horts Pisces and Cancer, with strong chemistry (and possible power struggles) with their polar opposite Taurus.

Pluto transits have the potential to rock your world. They say “if you live through a Pluto transit it will set you free.” The Pluto square Pluto of the notorious midlife crisis is a challenging 18-month time period, that has the capacity to generate the greatest amount of evolution of this lifetime. As Scorpio’s co-ruling planet Pluto is often the outer most planets and has a profound affect on the global consciousness and conditions. Ruler, along with Mars of aggression and war, as well as transformation,

Transcendence also falls in the Scorpio realm. Scorpios often have deeply evolutionary lives. Fascinated with power and the capacity to transcend a limited concept of power we often find some of the great spiritual masters living under this sign. Shamans, healers, martial artists, yogis and magicians all know how to access this power and tap its capacity to transform!

Pluto is currently in the early to mid range of Capricorn, indicating transformation and endings in infrastructures - banking, mortgage, health, business, contractual agreements, etc., that have outlived their usefulness or you've grown out of. A far square to Uranus in Aries still indicates epic breaks from long standing circumstances and opening the way to increased freedom, independence as well as a break out of jail free card. These changes may not always easy to process and can be quite scary as they propel you out of your comfort zone, but they will definitely be life-changing and ultimately have the potential to be extremely liberating. As with all things Scorpionic or Plutonic, this cycle could also very well open the way to a sense of rebirth, a break from the past or a new chapter in your lifetime.

Watch as these masters work their magic, walking the tight rope with grace and prowess between the realms of light and dark, making cosmic sparks as they go!

Cathy H. Burroughs, a former VP of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS) has been featured on AIB TV and is a gifted psychic/astrologer/healer and medium with an international clientele. Her appearance and accuracy of her predictions on Q-100's The Bert Show attracted more than 1,000 callers. Her company Psychic Solutions Entertainment provides world class psychics and out of the box entertainers for Halloween, holiday and private and corporate parties and special events. For a private session, to book an event, or learn more about classes and workshops, contact Cathy via, or call/text: (404) 543-1080. For more info, or


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