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Dear Dream Experts,

I was at some kind of party. Suddenly the police arrived and began arresting people who were having underage sex. I was hoping that they were not going to arrest me too, but I was not having sex. Later I was in a classroom at some kind of futuristic cubicle. I was taking a test of some kind. I had the answer key in an envelope. I was tempted to use it. I was not clear if I had cheated or not.

Sincerely, On the Edge

Dear On the Edge,

Being at a party indicates enjoying your life or celebrating some milestone. The police are your inner authority. This can also be described as your conscience. In some parts of your life you are expressing your creativity with the potential to create something new in your life (sex), but you feel that these parts of you are immature (underage). You are concerned about the potential consequences of this (being arrested). You are trying to learn from this and assess where you are (test). You have access to the truth (answers), but you are uncertain if this is the right way to assess where you are in your growth (cheating). Look for where you are venturing to use your creative abilities to create the life you want. There is no reason to feel guilty for creating what you desire. Your inner wisdom is there to guide you to what is in your best interest. Develop your inner listening skills and focus on creating what you want in your life.

Dear Dream Experts,

I had a dream that my husband came home and told me that he was going to his mother’s for the weekend. I couldn’t believe that he had forgotten to tell me. He said that he was just so busy that he forgot. His mother was sitting at the kitchen table. I told her, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming.” I started eating hummus and crackers. Then I said maybe his mother and I could go out to dinner. We went outside and walked to a restaurant.

Sincerely, Caught by Surprise

Dear Caught by Surprise,

Your husband represents an inner aspect of yourself, and being male, can also represent the use of aggressive (active, energetic) energy in your life. His mother represents the receptive (attractive, nurturing) energy. There is a breakdown in inner communication and coordination in your thinking. You are wanting to take in information and experiences (food) to create knowledge (learning). Based on this dream work on quieting your mind through relaxation and meditation techniques. As your mind gets quieter you will be more aware of your thoughts. As you pay better attention to your thoughts and experiences you can learn more from them.

Dear Dream Experts,

I dreamed I saw a pile of snakes. My wife and I were looking at the snakes. One got loose in the house. We were afraid that it would get us. There were people in our house who were dressed in fancy cloths.

Sincerely Snake Wrangler,

Dear Snake Wrangler,

Snakes evoke many images for people. One aspect to be aware of is that animals represent habits that you have. In this case it sounds like you are apprehensive about these habits. Another aspect special to snakes is that they have been used to symbolize creative energy for thousands of years. This could mean that there is some habitual way that you use or relate to your creative energy. Your wife represents using your energy in a receptive (attractive, nurturing) way. You see one habit is loose in your mind (house) and you are afraid it is going to negatively affect you (get you). You also recognize many other parts of you (people in house) where you express yourself quite well (dressed nicely). Based on this dream, look for habits that you have, especially around creating in your life. Develop discipline in your mind and your life by being consistent. Recognize the many gifts and talents that you have and apply these to creating the life you want.

Kathryn and Patrick Andries, the Dream Experts, are the authors of Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed and The Dream Doctor, released by Ozark Mountain Publishing. If you would like your dream to appear in a future article, send it to Kathryn and Patrick reserve the right to edit any dreams submitted to suit the needs of the article. Learn more at

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