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  • JereLyn Faber

Take A Dive With Me

Abundance is like a heady drug. On the upswing it intoxicates, relaxes, and imparts a sense of invincibility. Lacking, however, constricts, suffocates, and derails all good intentions. Often abundance is viewed from a singular facet of monetary wealth. A glance at the other facets of life reveal there is considerably more to the substance of the word than just money. People can be rich in health, family life, career success, material goods, intelligence, talent, et cetera. A quick way to dredge yourself out of a “lack” moment is to list the other ways abundance has touched your life. A gratitude list is an easy way to keep track of how abundant we really are.

Focusing on the rich areas of your life improves the areas of lack naturally, propelling you towards the finish line in a burst of greatness. Excessive worry bestows the opposite blessings, dragging you down into further depths you do not wish to visit. Life has ups and downs, just as surely as mom’s meatloaf is the only kind you will ever willingly consume, yet elongated suffering is an imposition society has thrust upon us unnecessarily. Grieve, yes, lament, forgive, boil with rage, if you must, but do not become stuck in your own woes. Finding the good in some situations is a task only fit for the gods, but you can strive to find the good in other areas of existence to act as a life raft in times of sorrow.

Make a list of things that inspire you, activities you can get lost in for hours, hobbies, joys, moments of bliss that can uplift you when needed.

  1. Cuddle a puppy

  2. Dance like a wild man, rain or music optional

  3. Savor an ice cream cone outdoors

  4. Paint by a lake

  5. Watch your favorite film with a friend, popcorn and pj’s required

  6. Read a fascinating book at the library

  7. Visit a tourist spot

  8. Camp under the stars

  9. Write a letter to someone you miss, mail it or keep it as a journal entry

  10. Seek out an item or activity that bestows a sense of luxury and decadence

Update the list as you find more things that carry your heart towards the sky. Keep the list somewhere you have easy access to, such as a notebook you always carry, or fix up a trinket box as your Emergency Self Love Kit. Being able to pull yourself out of a funk is an imperative coping tool, and the more you focus on life’s grandeur, the more abundance will follow you everywhere and every when you journey.

Perspective is another juicy chunk of abundance perceiving. Viewing an undesirable situation from an angle not previously conceived can be all you need to turn things around. Lose your job? You just effectively made room in your life for better opportunities to greet you. Apartment flood? That cute little cottage down the road costs less and has a yard. Relationship end? You have learned all you can from each other at this point; wish them well, cherish your memories, and enjoy your new prospects.

Are there extenuating circumstances in life? Absolutely. Do we need to react to them? Yes, we are human. Do we need to perpetually torture ourselves? No. Life is meant to be enjoyed, savored, cherished, desired, fulfilled, and with many things left undone. When you stop seeking new memories, knowledge, activities, and love, ask for help. It is not a shameful thing. We all require assistance. Humans are social creatures for a reason. Even the emo loners of the world have an emo loner posse. Don’t wallow in your silent corner, instead break out your Self Love Emergency Kit, call on a friend for lunch, and be aware of how you feel. Honestly it can be easier to sink into the couch than rise up and face the day at times, but I have faith that you are strong, you are loved, you are wanted, and you have an amazingly abundant life awaiting you. Let the world buoy you rather than ensnaring you below the depths. Take the plunge, relish the dive, and dream as big as you can imagine.

Sat nam.

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