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Still Point

Hello Dear Reader,

Creating a life of non-duality is of the utmost importance for the spiritual student and energy practitioner. Our inner sanctuary must always be prepared for the spirit of wisdom to appear and take forms of truth within us.

Rumi writes [ if the one should appear and you ask how then you have lost him…]

Brother Laurence writes [ you practice the presence until presence practices you… ] Bold words for any one to consider…

To talk about our Still Point we must address the idea of “home”. When our senses have a feeling of home our energetic bodies can rest, recover, and Receive Restoration. These are the “new energies” coming to present to humanity, now more than ever, the Beautiful Divine Feminine, which intimately brings nurture and wholeness into your energetic fields. All you have to do is receive.

Home. A feeling. A presence. After many years of separation, or the illusion of it, I found a community that resonated with me. That community is Unity North Atlanta, located on Sandy Plains Rd. My oldest son was married and landed in Woodstock, Ga. in 2011 and Spirit lead me to UNA. I drove up on a given afternoon and saw a few people heading out during the lunch time hour and simply said “Excuse me…what do you do here at UNA?”

Would you know it, I was having lunch (at what used to be Nicky’s ) with Richard Burdick, the Spiritual Leader of UNA, not 15 minutes later. Before I left my newly married son’s house on a quest to find a spiritual community, I wrote ONE word down on the back of a sheet of paper and that word was COMMUNITY. By the end of lunch I knew that I had found a long awaited Home. A home for people who had ascended consciousness above suffering. The first few weeks at UNA were filled with immeasurable moments of being reminded that “no one is judging you”. Can you IMAGINE such a place? A home for humans that remember the oneness in us all and where All is given in every moment.

To find the Still Point we must get quiet. Stillness comes within the physical body and then the emotional body…and then the mental body. The Soul Body has something to say…we must get quiet to hear what the soul speaks. Often it is first the shadows that make their appearance, to get our attention. The parts of ourselves that have been denied and yearn for acceptance and validation…the parts of our consciousness that are designed for the Archetypes to awaken and come alive and thrive within us as light workers and way showers. As humans we exemplify our spiritual heritage and trump our genetic code. God In You As You.

See how it works? Stillness is easily achieved when all three bodies or houses (physical, emotional, mental) can sit in continuity with each other. Which produces a clear communication from a unified field of information. The Chakra system holds so much undiscovered beauty about you as an incarnate as well as a SOUL. Everything pulses with energy and wants to be known! Do you long to be known? As a soul, as a male, as a female, as an energy that simply seeks to be remembered as LOVE.

I am love. I am known as the complete complexity of love. Here is our Still Point. A gentle remembering of our expansive oneness as it vibrates into a new reality beyond what our senses can grasp. No Drama? No. Love knows itself as contrast, we must simply develop our natures to invite a non-dualistic approach to our existence.

I will not harm another because if I do I am actually harming myself. And that is just an unconscious act or response to the moment of fight or flight. I am awakened by love and it calls me forth to become the highest potential of love in each moment without judgement to myself and others.

Becoming conscious of the NATURE of your energy coming and going is of the utmost awareness to the energy practitioner . Find your still point, dear beloved, and receive the increase of what you put out.

I am Phoenix Lea, a Clear and Perfect channel.

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