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Living a Life of Abundance

Living a life of abundance - it sounds wonderful, and we hear these words all the time! But what does that really mean? What it looks like for you may be very different than what it looks like for the man next door, or the woman on the other side of the world. Getting as specific as possible about what it means to live an abundant life is really important.

There are layers to the creation of the life that we desire, and each layer requires a healthy dose of inner inspiration paired with outward motivation - creating a life of abundance is no exception. We can seek to fill our lives with things, or money, or experiences, but only focusing on the outer expression of abundance can leave us feeling quite empty. It’s necessary to go deeper within ourselves so we can tune in to what it is that really turns us on, fills us up, and leaves us overflowing.

Abundance is defined as “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply; overflowing fullness.” To really create a life that fits this description, we first must get very clear on what it is we want an abundance of: love, joy, money, fresh flowers, space, friends? Spend some time getting quiet and envisioning what a life of abundance looks like to you. Engage all of your senses: what do you see, smell, hear, and feel? What form does your abundance take? Take yourself on a dream date in your mind and take notes!

Bringing this kind of awareness to both your current life and your dream life is key. In what parts of your life to do you feel abundant right now? Do you always have access to fresh fruits and vegetables? Are you able to stop in Starbucks for your favorite latte without hesitation? Do you have toddlers in your life who shower you with hugs every day?

This first step - awareness of the abundance all around you right now - and the gratitude you experience for this beautiful surplus, flips the magnetic switch within you to begin noticing more and more where you already have a flow of abundance in your life.

But noticing areas where you feel lack is also an important step. Scarcity acts to turn off that magnetic switch. Notice the areas of your life where these negative feelings exist and work to flip them around into intentional declarations. Here’s an example: Do you feel guilty paying for a car wash because it seems frivolous and you could wash your own car? Do you feel envy when you see a table of women enjoying a lunch out on a weekday as you grab your salad to go?

Bring awareness to these areas too - but then create an intention that acts to flip that switch back to magnetism for you. Here’s how it works: “Driving in a clean car makes me feel taken care of, and projects a feeling of gratitude and respect for my belongings. I spend so much time in this vehicle; my intention is to create a feeling of abundance that comes with investing in taking good care of it.” Next: “My intention is to schedule a lunch with friends once a month. My sense of abundance will increase with the connections I make and the laughter we share.”

Feel how the energy of this is different, and the intention alone can leave you feeling more positive while at the same time turning on your magic magnetism. Don’t be surprised if you run across a school fundraiser and you get your car washed for $5. And when the phone rings and you’re invited to a birthday lunch at a friend’s house, you’ll see that your abundance activator is at work for you.

Awareness, gratitude, and intention are imperative when creating a life of abundance. It’s quite likely that without these three practices, you could be sitting right in the life of your dreams and not even know it. Getting real and getting clear with yourself about what you desire starts with an internal exploration. Identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, getting very specific about where you want to feel “overflowing fullness.” Declare in an affirmative way your intention to get yourself there. Once you do that, the world around you begins to arrange itself to fit the picture you’ve created in your minds eye. The inner inspiration always drives the outer motivation to make the choices and changes that will ultimately result in your own, unique, abundant life. Happy manifesting!


Cristin Zegers is a United Intentions writer, and Life Coach who also specializes in Feng Shui and Aromatherapy. She believes that we are limitless in our ability to create beauty, peace, and love in the world, by beginning within ourselves–our very bodies, our own souls.


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