• Crystal Starshine

Goddess During the Holidays!

Take a big deep breath in and get prepared for the madness of the holiday season! Our Empath (Clairsentient) friends really need to take extra breaths and plenty of time to prepare themselves for this time of the year. Are you an Empath? You just might be if:

  • Going into crowds make you feel uncomfortable or emotionally bombarded

  • People’s moods easily influence you

  • You need lots of solitude

  • You avoid negativity

  • Very sensitive to medications

These are just a few of common traits. If this sounds like you then you are likely clairsentient and need some extra care during these next couple of months. Even if you are not an empath you still need self-care.

When I think of this season I start planning my arsenal for Self-Care! Every Goddess needs to have a plan of action for care during these hectic couple of months when our brains are generally switched to extra family, big meals, entertaining, gifts and STRESS! So, let us start with some simple, yet important things we can do for ourselves this month. If you start to get overwhelmed stop and check in with yourself, ask yourself simple questions like: Why am I feeling overwhelmed? Take a few moments to see if you need to step away, get grounded and clear your energy. I like to call moments like this taking a “time out” so that I can feel better and assess how to shift stagnant, clingy and hectic energies. This could be your moment of self-care actions as well.

Let’s talk about some of the things we can do to take care of ourselves when out in the shopping environment. I personally like aromatherapy and I carry a couple of different essential oil blends with me to simply smell if I am needing a moment of shifting; one to calm, like lavender and one to recharge me and put a little pep in my step, like Gray Matter Batter by Aura Cacia. If you are out shopping and need a break step into a coffee shop and have a cup of your favorite beverage and take some weight off those feet. Speaking of feet, wear comfortable shoes if you are out and about, there is nothing more draining than having sore Goddess feet at the end of a shopping extravaganza. If you are a lone shopper and empath take a pair of ear buds and use one to send soothing tones into your brain waves. Carry a crystal or two with you that helps with anxiety and stress like: smithsonite, rhodochrosite and chrysocolla. Throw in a piece of Jade to help with money fears.

Some of the things we can do while at home are scheduling time for ourselves to read a good book, take a hot bath with some Epsom salts and essential oils, burn some candles and play soothing music. I love to charge myself up with some belly dance music and dance as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I use music not only as self-care action but one to keep me fit too. Speaking of fit, one of the things we do during the holidays is eat. I love food so I always make sure to allow myself the pleasure of partaking in wonderful holiday foods but reserve myself to not overeat by drinking plenty of water before my meals. This one small step can save you a ton of calories and eating remorse.

The biggest self-care tip that I can give to you is that we are constantly abundant. The Goddess is always listening and taking care of us and in this season of overflowing shopping malls of frantic people searching for their bargains. There is no need to compete with the gifts of others, gifts come from our hearts and some of the best gifts I have ever received are simple acts of love and homemade items. So if you want to pass up being out in the madness of the holidays, grab yourself a good DIY book or search Pinterest for some great homemade gift ideas and be easy on your wallet and your spirit this year.

Blessed Be!

Crystal Starshine is an Oracle, Priestess, Women’s Inspirational Empowerment Coach, & more. She is founder of the Youniquely Woman Red Tent™ and the Sisterhood of the Trees in the North Georgia Mountains. Find out more about her at


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