• Amy Nyland

Abundance Begins With You

I don’t think there is anyone alive who doesn’t wish for an abundance of “good” stuff for his or her life. Whether it’s an abundance of love, money, friendship, etc, we do our best to work hard and align ourselves with the universe in order to bring us what we desire.

When it comes to abundance we often think of it as something that is delivered to us or shows up in our life. Many of us understand the law of attraction and the art of allowing, and even with this knowledge it seems there are areas in life where abundance is lacking. Sometimes we resign ourselves to thinking that certain types of abundance just aren’t meant for us, but that is certainly not true.

While we often look to the universe to deliver us abundance, we don’t always turn our attention to the abundance that is readily available to us. I invite you to consider that you can give yourself abundance in many ways, everything from your own thoughtful attention and compassion to greater self-care. But, there is one extremely powerful type of abundance you can give yourself that I encourage more than any other and that is self-love.

I believe self-love is the engine that drives all other abundance in life. And the most beautiful thing about self-love is you don’t have to wait for anything or anyone in order to start receiving it. Right here in this very moment you can start giving yourself the kind of love, compassion and attention you’ve always wanted and it doesn’t cost you a dime nor does it take huge effort on your part. There are no limits to this abundance and it can grow each and every day. You don’t have to meditate or set intentions, nor is there a specific path or guru to follow to invoke this abundance – it is at your fingertips in every moment and you are in complete control.

And do you know what happens when you start to give yourself an abundance of your own love and compassion?

Things change quickly!

As you become infused with your own self-love you notice the never-ending battle inside your head begins to quiet down, and you slowly relax into your being. As you relax into your being, self-discovery becomes an adventure and your inner quest trumps your outer quests. Every moment of self-love heals that within you that needs healing and opens you up to receive love from the universe around you.

Ultimately you come to find that the level of love you give yourself is proportionate to the level of love you can give the world. The world becomes your mirror as your reflection of self-love shines back at you from every face you encounter. And incredibly, the other types of abundance you lacked before suddenly begin to manifest in your life in the most magical and abundant of ways. That’s right, you begin to attract an abundance of abundance!

I will forever preach the gospel of self-love because I truly believe it IS the path. It is the path to healing. It is the path to abundance. It is the path to ultimate freedom, and it is the path to enlightenment. It is also the path to unveiling the greatest and grandest version of ourselves we could ever imagine.

So, I will encourage each of you to practice self-love right here and now. Yes, right here in this moment. Place your hand on your heart, and as authentically as possible tell your heart you love it. And then never look back. In every moment of awareness send yourself love. In every moment of judgment send yourself love and compassion. Anytime you think of it send yourself love. Make self-love your ultimate priority and watch how quickly you melt into the loving embrace of the universe.

Abundance is awesome! Gifts from the universe are awesome! But you know what is even more awesome? Filling yourself so full of your own self-love you never have to seek outside of yourself ever again.

With Love and Light!

Amy Nyland manages Love and Light LLC located at The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA. Amy’s mission in life is to help spread the gospel of self-love. Learn more at:


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