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This month’s theme is Abundance. I chose it because it is the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving…and when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of abundance.

I have had times of real scarcity in my life. I have lived from paycheck to paycheck, and there have been times when I had no paycheck at all.

I’ve eaten Raman noodles with peanut butter sandwiches…for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve had my power turned off, my water disconnected, my heat cut off. I’ve had collectors calling 24/7.

Yet even in the worst of those days…I had a roof over my head. I was not wondering what street I would sleep on that night, or if I had enough covering to keep me warm. I was not alone in my scarcity…my wife, or my kids, or my friends were there with me, to comfort me, to help me, to support me. To offer me a safety net.

I could see. I could walk. I could hear. I could feel.

Even in the worst of times…I was surrounded by abundance.

The reality is - we all are. Our earth has all the resources we need - every one of us. And more! The earth practices lavish abundance every day. Look at a sunflower…not just ONE seed, but hundreds, are produced by every sunflower. Not just one beautiful glowing yellow petal…but hundreds!!! Nature never does just one. In fact, Issac Asimov, one of the most respected science and sci/fi writers of all time, said “in nature, the number two is impossible.” There is only zero, or one…or infinity. In other words…there is nothing, or the only one…or an infinite supply.

In his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (a classic!) Stephen Covey talks about “the pie.” Imagine all of our resources are a pie that re-creates itself. Whenever a slice is taken, a slice is made. We will never run out of pie. Ever.

And yet, our society programs us to think that resources are limited (of course…some are, like fossil fuels). But the truly necessary resources - from food to water to air - are renewable.

The problem is not the abundance of resource…it is the stewardship of humans. Nature does not have a “choice” of being renewable or not…in the very essence of reality is a spiritual principle of renewable that is manifested daily in the world of nature.

Humans, however, have the capacity to choose. And often - due to programming by a society that has separated itself from the natural order - we come with an attitude of SCARCITY. Meaning: there is only so much pie, it is not renewable…therefore, I must get my piece, and then to insure I have enough, get your piece too.

Thus…fear, jealousy, competition, deception, wars…whatever it takes to make sure that you get the pie you deserve.

Fear and scarcity cause us to miss the incredible beauty of abundance that is ours, right now, all around us.

And that leads to Thanksgiving.

So, how do we change our spiritual perception so that we move from fear and scarcity to abundance? Thanks giving. Giving thanks. The attitude of gratitude.

Right now - at this very moment - you can say “thank you” to some one for some thing. Regardless of what your situation is, somehow there is some thing to be thankful about.

It may be something very small…like…OK, how’s this? You are READING this article! You can be thankful that (1) you can see, and (2) you can read!

Those two little steps of gratitude can become a tsunami of gratitude as you gradually begin to understand that abundance is all around you…and is here FOR YOU!!

Yes, the crazy lavish abundance of the Universe is for YOU! Our wicked society may try and tell you you don’t deserve it (only the rich and beautiful deserve it)…but that is a lie! This is your universe, this is your abundance!

If you are not experiencing it, it is because you are influenced by SCARCITY thinking. You can change it…by being grateful.

Being grateful changes everything. So…happy thanks giving!!

I am so incredibly thankful for you!



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