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  • Laina P. Orlando

Awakening Through Conscious Parenting

Parenting inevitably touches everyone’s life because we are all either a parent, or we have parents. As a mother of three grown children, and thanks to the eight-year span between the oldest and the youngest, I have been privileged to experience the suffering of parenting without awareness, and the joys of parenting consciously.

All parents act as launching pads for their children’s human journey. It is crucial that we become aware of the gap between parent and child. This age gap perpetuates the illusion that parent and child are separate, different, and therefore have varying levels of wisdom, with the parent being wiser. This gap justifies the dysfunctional and conditional ways that pass as “normal” parenting. However, as humanity is awakening we are beginning to recognize that unconscious parenting, because it is based on fear, and laced with the parents unhealed childhood wounds, is no longer sustainable.

Unconscious parenting is simply parenting unaware that our child is, by virtue of the Life Energy that is pulsing within them, is already created magnificent, divine and whole, simply needing guidance navigating its chosen human journey.

Unconscious parenting operates with the “do as I say, not as I do” mantra, which is one of many unquestioned, and outdated hand-me-down beliefs that, albeit used with good intentions, places the parent in and authoritarian role, claiming that only the “parent knows best” by virtue of them being on the planet longer.

When we parent with the belief that “I’m older and wiser,” we completely overlook the natural wisdom of the child. This type of parenting highlights the differences between parent and child, disregarding that by divine design, they are actually the same. Thus, the parent assumes the role of leader, and the child, from a very young age must learn to adapt to being the lesser one, in need of domestication in order to navigate within the physical world run by the “wiser ones.” This process, slowly and deliberately, teaches the child to look outside of themselves for guidance, knowledge, and approval, which leave them untrained in listening to their own inner, and wiser guidance.

Unconscious parenting is simply parenting as we were parented, and therefore doing to our kids what was done unto us. Shifting this outdated model is actually very simple: The parent and child must become equal partners in the parenting dance. This means that we have to dissolve the gap that exists between us, by acknowledging that what we truly are is, first and foremost, timeless and eternal non-physical energy, appearing in physical form.

We are not aware that we parent unconsciously, until we become aware that this type of parenting simply doesn’t work. Typically, this is realized when a parent is at their wits end, and their child, and the relationship is in big trouble. Fortunately, with the proliferation of spiritual teachings, many of us are becoming curious about conscious parenting, which allows us to shift how we parent well before things get out of whack.

Conscious parenting is simply recognizing that parenting is the privilege of one divine being intimately witnessing the manifestation of another divine being. A conscious parent is more like a farmer that plants a seed of corn, trusting that it will rise as corn, and not as green beans. A conscious parent trusts that within their child is what the child is meant to be, while enjoying a front row seat to one of life’s most magnificent miracles.

Conscious parenting, although extremely rewarding, is not for the faint of heart. The reason is simple: our children are actually highly advanced versions of ourselves. This mirrors our childhood, giving us the opportunity to heal our own childhood wounds, which are the inevitable result of growing up with unconscious parents.

Conscious parenting is the art of allowing the child to blossom to its full divine potential. It is a fresh and intuitive approach that will leave parent and child feeling more connected. By the teenage years, the age gap will naturally dissolve into a trusting relationship between divine equals, based on unconditional love and deep trust.

A wave of conscious parents is paving the way for the highly intuitive children that are entering the planet, and are bringing their parent’s unconscious patterns to the surface, so that through the bond of love, parent and child can awaken. Today’s conscious parents are true pioneers leading humanity through this unprecedented movement that is creating a new earth.

Laina Orlando


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