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Mindfulness Manifestation


Our future is here; we are witnessing impending moments at this very instant. Everything that we are experiencing is something we intended to occur; the power of our thoughts creates our reality. Nothing happens without a clear push to cause that event to happen. We might not even realize that we have total control over how we influence our lives, because these things can occur either consciously or subconsciously. Something as simple as being unproductive and lounging around all day pondering our work is something we created. Our intentions were not set on getting work accomplished, therefore, we don’t.

However, just because we think of something does not mean it will magically happen. We must put in effort to show the universe, as well as ourselves, that we would really enjoy accomplishing whatever it is we want, and that our higher self will benefit from it too. Allowing our soul to manifest our desires by truly having it set in our thoughts and perceiving that it will occur, sends out a signal to the universe to guide us and help us on our journey in that direction.

First, we must acknowledge and understand that EVERYTHING is connected. When I speak of the universe, I am referring to existence. I speak of how the universe is within all of us, as well as permeating all that surrounds us. Through the power of manifestation, your thoughts are transmitted into the universe. This thought vibration connects you with others that have an intention matching yours, or ideas that correlate to your goal. Every thought is sent out to the universe, which is constantly listening.

We must also recognize the fact that we are not beings of negativity. The universe was not originally created to have negative situations be prominent. Instead, we hail from light. Light naturally breeds positivity and optimism, which we then must take into consideration when choosing our intentions and foci. One of our natural instincts when presented with something undesirable is to automatically say, “I do not want ___”. However, by being a creation of a positive universe, the phrase is perceived as being something that we do want. We must realize the “absolute value”, or the positive version of our thought, will be perceived. Precise intentions are extremely important in attracting exactly what we desire.

Throughout our day, one of the most important responsibilities that do not always cross our mind are thoughts, ironically enough. We tend not to always censor what we think, and therefore we may attract undesirable outcomes. For example, worrying over a matter is one of the easiest avenues for your thoughts to merge with the physical reality around you. As we mull over these emotions for long periods of time, we place emphasis upon what we believe will go wrong. In doing so, we create all of the mishaps that can turn the event upside down.

Another point that we must consider in order to gain maximal benefit is the distinction of an expectation versus an intention. An intention is kindred to a goal, which involves declaring a visual representation of the idea we hope to accomplish. An expectation is how we picture a situation to happen. A mistake that I am guilty of is setting an intention and then expecting a particular outcome. This process can invariably end up leading to disappointment. A detailed construct of what we desire is healthy, but focusing with narrow-minded concentration can lead you to miss the greater abundance you may yet receive.

At the end of the day we must acknowledge that the universe is a listener that will give upon request. Therefore, we need to take responsibility for our thoughts and be mindful of them. Use the interconnectedness of the universe to manifest all you desire in positivity and love.

About Ayesha

Ayesha Patel is a high school student who seeks to inspire people to follow their passions while compassionately dismantling society’s limiting structures. Her interests include yoga, photography, writing, and metaphysics.

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