• Cassandra Worthy

Sway Yourself


“I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

-The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? Well, I don’t believe it. But I’ll tell you what I do believe…you are what you think. Period. This month’s issue is all about the Law of Attraction…manifestation…the mystery of people, places, and things being pulled into your life by YOUR influence…YOUR intention. The universe conspires with you to bring anything and everything you want (or don’t want) into your life.

Why it happens remains a mystery to me but how it happens and more so the simple fact that it does happen…I know. It happens by my thoughts. In a nutshell, my thoughts matter. YOUR thoughts matter. I’ve seen it in my own life experience. Multiple times. For you immediate skeptics out there, might I remind you, I’m a Chemical Engineer. The term ‘Scientific method’ is not lost on me and it was something I actually leveraged in my pursuit to understand whether or not this whole Law of Attraction was real. So I’ll offer a few concrete examples of the Law of Attraction working in my life:

  • I watched the Secret and decided to test the power of the Law. I envisioned finding $20. That simple. A mental image of me holding a $20 bill that I found somewhere. Two days later I found a $20 bill lying in my parking garage face up as I was walking to the door.

  • I was told that the position I currently hold in my Company didn’t exist. I was told the function, title, and location combination is HIGHLY rare and unlikely. I leveraged the Law of Attraction …and here I sit. I am the only individual in my Company in such a role. I now hold the exact position I envisioned.

  • I requested a gift from the Universe of $500. I requested said gift in 48hrs or less. The very next day I received notification on my upcoming Insurance renewal and my rate had dropped with anticipated savings of about $630.

In my mind, in my experimentation, in my life experience the Law of Attraction is real, tried, and true. That’s it. I’ve decided I’m going to keep my contribution short and sweet because writing a whole bunch of flowery words is not going to convince you. I’ve offered data from my own life, but now it’s time for you to sway yourself…believe or disbelieve?

Go develop your supporting data and be prepared for amazement.

For those of you wanting to read up a bit more before pursuing your own experiments, a few recommendations:

  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

  • E Squared – Pam Grout

  • – Yeah, seriously. There are new articles on the subject published every week if not every day.

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