• Ayesha Patel

Remembering Who We Are


In the search to rediscover who we are, maybe we begin with who and what we are not. When coming to this planet and incarnating into a human form, we are automatically given false labels. We are defined by gender, ethnicity, and inherited belief structures that impose limitations on our identity. Our environment shapes us and leads us to believe that this is a true representation of who we are. However, we must transcend these socially-defined concepts and characteristics to find our true selves.

Take stock of your hobbies and interests: How do you know they represent your authentic, divine self? Would you have these interests if your environment never exposed you to them or provided you with opportunities to cultivate your passion? In an effort to be accepted or included, children often take on the interests and direction of their parents. They absorb these culturally-conditioned affectations and forget who they really are. This constructed identity takes the place of the authentic self, causing the passions and yearning of the soul to fade away to a dormant place in the heart.

So what is this “authentic self,” really? By dissolving away and releasing the conditioned, “false identity” that society has led us to believe we are, we realize that all of us are the exact same: growing souls adventuring in this human experience. We are all just innocent souls of light. We are all here for a reason and whether that reason is to teach, learn, or grow, we are all students. We are all educators. We are here fulfilling some purpose, some reason. Nobody simply “occupies space.” We create our own reality. We are a product of our thoughts, which are a function of our conscious and subconscious mind.

Part of the reason we are here is to come to the awareness that we are actually here. Many people simply breathe and die, never grasping that their time here on earth is a temporary state in a much longer journey. These are the people who have taken on the false, conditioned self as all they are and all they will be. They have forgotten about their soul, the divine self. They rarely venture inside their gut feeling and their hearts. They follow the mind and its false assumptions. This leads them to the “dark” portion of the human experience, lost in the cobwebs of the mind. What they do not see is that the true darkness is the mind, and that the soul is the genial sun, its light waiting to emerge and bring them to a new and brighter day.

Remember we are all one, all the same and all connected. Occupying a human body is not an easy journey. We must constantly remember that this is all temporary, and we should make the most of our time here. To do this, we must reconnect with our authentic self and break free from our egoic mind. Service, as it puts us in a naturally ego-less state, is an ideal path to this goal. Service for another is service for the self and vice versa, bringing us closer to our Source. By following our passions and not making life a competition and by looking at everyone as a reflection of ourselves, we can be of service to others by spreading positivity and radiating love.

It is this love we give in service that is the binding force of the universe. Love is the path to help us recall the beings of light that we really are.

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