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Why Life?

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If we aren’t here to learn, what purpose does life serve? Perhaps one could argue procreation, but we still need to learn how to procreate before we can produce any offspring. In life, learning is unavoidable. There is no adaptation without it. Only through learning are we able teach and help others. Only through self-awareness can we love and understand ourselves. Without awareness of our environment, we are unable to protect ourselves from destructive activity or eminent danger. We cannot accelerate our evolution unless we embrace the learning process.

Knowledge reminds us of its power when it is absent. We discover a lack of learning can render us powerless. A lack of awareness inhibits our ability to minimize risks and maximize growth opportunities. Think of a bird that never learned how to build a nest. Can it successfully propagate the species? What happens to a baby that never learns to walk? Can it survive on its own? The learning process is so ubiquitous we tend to take it for granted.

Today’s science reveals that “the subconscious mind…processes some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second vs. 40 environmental stimuli interpreted by the conscious mind.” This reminds us that even when we are not focused on learning, we are still learning subconsciously.

The question is what example is America setting for our subconscious minds?

In what direction is America accelerating?

When we send our soldiers to wars with no system in place to heal their PTSD, what example are we setting for our civilians?

When our economy thrives on the backs of the middle class while they struggle to pay for college and retirement, why wouldn’t we seek success at the expense of one another?

Student loan debt has surpassed mortgage debt. If academic organizations are taking advantage of young people why wouldn’t we take advantage of young people too?

When our grocery shelves are filled with refined sugar, a substance 8 times more addictive than cocaine, why wouldn’t we struggle with addiction, diabetes and obesity?

When there are more liquor stores than farmer’s markets in low income neighborhoods, why wouldn’t we struggle with alcohol addiction?

When we invest trillions of dollars into the next daily pill, while downplaying the miraculous power of the placebo effect, why wouldn’t we rely on drugs to heal our illnesses?

Show us America can succeed without promoting the addictions of its citizens.

As advanced as America may seem, it is very much like a baby that needs to learn how to walk on its own. We’ve witnessed the government bailout Big Banks that were “too big to fail” because the stability of our economy depended on their corrupt presence in the market. Global competitions for oil and natural gas have rendered America voluntarily dependent on a harmful and antiquated way of life. Through buyouts and propaganda, money and intimidation are used to suppress the growth of revolutionary technologies. Advancements in electricity, magnetism, nuclear, hydrogen, solar, quantum, and zero-point energies all provide more efficient solutions to our energy needs.

America must learn to walk without stepping on the backs of its civilians. While our economy has grown in 2014, wages have stayed flat and the wealth disparity has worsened. We are suffering from a money addiction. We are so money dependent, the notion of a society that functions without money is virtually unthinkable. Consequently, we are centuries away from a money-free existence. Meanwhile, money is the crutch of the power hungry who seek to maintain the status quo. Corporations are promoting addictions to TV, sugar, money, pharmaceuticals, consumerism, and more in order to stay afloat. No longer can we allow America to nurture the addictions of its civilians to sustain profits. With so much stimulation, stress, fear, and financial insecurity, it’s no wonder “40 million adults are plagued with some kind of anxiety disorder.”

The Truth is in the statistics…here are some:

16 million Americans use painkillers

5 million take sleep aids

18 million rely on antidepressants

29 million people have diabetes3

More than 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes. Of the 86 million people with pre-diabetes, 9 out of 10 don’t know it.

If we are to accelerate in a healthy direction, monetary interests can no longer supersede public health matters. America must learn.

YOU Bless America.


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