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Sun Signs, March 2015

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Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The mystical, resonant waves of Pisces prevail as we enter the month of March. The Pisces fish is the last and oldest sign of the zodiac cycle - so it is normal to be in 'review' mode as we process and release the energies of the passing astrological year. The negative traits of Pisces are depression, escapism, and substance or emotional addictions. To avoid those elements, it's best to embrace the positive side of the fish - creativity, imagination, compassion, unconditional love, and a deep-rooted spiritual life. When Pisces creates, their sadness quickly turns to joy and fruitful purpose! If you are a Pisces, it's important to firmly set your personal boundaries and be aware of your strong sensitivity. You absorb your environment, so negative people, places, and objects should be avoided. Your higher mission is the 'Mastery of Emotion', which is a powerful job when you consider the strength and intensity of the Water element that is your domain.

Our Full Moon this month is in purifying Virgo. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to clean, purge and refresh your body, home, relationships, or career path. This cycle will shine a light on anything that you need to be healthier and it's a great time to write down the daily habits you want to embrace.

An energetic New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurs on the 20th as the Sun enters Aries and we welcome the birth of the Spring Equinox. The Sun will be at 29 degrees of Pisces at the time of the eclipse. The Sabian Symbol description for this degree is, “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness and, as he grows up, begins to look like it.”

Over the next 6 months, think about your highest ideal of greatness - what does it look and feel like? As you begin to understand your personal standard, it will become natural and easy to begin taking on its form.

Happy Spring and best wishes!

Aries - The month ahead is full of strength and sparkling ideas! You will be extra attractive and everyone will gravitate to you. Your mind is functioning on a higher level and the concepts you birth now are expansive and idealistic. You'll be ready to pull out your soapbox and let everyone know how you feel about social, political, and charitable causes and movements. Use your power to help the world around you!

Taurus - Your focus this month will be on your spiritual life and spreading compassionate care to those around you. If you have a friend or loved one who is suffering through a tough time, you will be in a perfect position to be a healing presence. If you happen to be the one who needs the healing, be sure to refresh your relationship to spirit. A new book, teacher, or course of study can open up your mind to the possibilities.

Gemini - You will feel positive and social now and will prefer to spend some time with groups of friends and colleagues. Your mind will be fiery and provocative, so don't be surprised if you rub some people the wrong way in your effort to “shake things up!” Career is highlighted and it's important to pay attention to how you feel spiritually and physically on the job. If you feel drained or unhappy, it's time to make some changes for the better.

Cancer - Travel and philosophy are favored at this time and you will feel the urge to move beyond your everyday routine. Subjects of study that reveal deeper mysteries and psychological understanding are of great interest and use. The mood at work will be stimulating and energetic – however, it can also be stressful as you'll feel more restless and people around you may be argumentative. Take time to work on your own if possible.

Leo - You'll feel outgoing and gregarious, with the call of the open road appealing to your sense of adventure. Love and relationships are exciting, but also carry the possibility of arguments or losing your temper. Work to communicate in a fair and unbiased way that considers your friends' and partners' needs as well as your own. You'll get a much better reaction if you can share your limelight with others at this time.

Virgo - All relationships are highlighted at this time of year for you and you'll need to relax and use your sensitive, emotional side to get the best from this energy. You'll be thinking about how to re-invent your health habits, exercise routines, and dietary patterns. It's a great time to join a group to share and receive new ideas. Dramatic secrets could be revealed or you may discover parts of yourself you didn't know were there.

Libra - Your relationships are super-charged this month, but they also have a lot more 'fight' in them than you'd prefer. However, if you're not being treated fairly or are being taken advantage of, this is a powerful time to stand up for yourself and make a statement about what you will and won't accept in your partnerships. Health and wellness take on an important role now, with the emphasis being placed on your emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Scorpio - Creative expression and emotional demonstrations are important for this month. You'll feel much better if you release your pent-up ideas and feelings in a positive and artistic way. Physical stress comes in the form of headaches and neck tension. Getting more exercise or seeing a chiropractor can be very beneficial. Your home life needs a breath of fresh air and your mind will be focused on new ways to energize your living space.

Sagittarius - This month is the time to reign in your wanderlust and attend to your home and family. If you've been neglecting those areas for a while, you may find a good deal of challenge waiting for you. However, you should persevere because you'll reap plenty of rewards from doing the work. Bringing balance and harmony to your domestic world will help fuel your creative fire for the next big adventure you undertake.

Capricorn - This month finds you in review of your resources and the life values that you hold dear. If it's time to let old ideas or habits go, don't hesitate - you'll feel so much better from the release! Your ruling planet Saturn does its regular 5-month retrograde starting on Saturday the 14th. It's time to relax a bit and not push so hard. Instead of chasing down your dreams and goals, be at peace and let them flow steadily towards you. Letting go and trusting Spirit can be a challenge for you - but I know you can do it!

Aquarius - Your intellect is clear and communication will flow easily for you now. Much of your focus will center around personal spiritual values and growth. You'll find that the more you invest in cultivating peace and tranquility, the more grounded you will feel by your divine connections. Social time is best spent with friends with whom you can be bluntly honest and exuberant. Spice your conversations with plenty of laughter and daring plans for the future!

Pisces - Happy birthday to you! The Sun and Neptune join together to create an aura of magic and mystery to your persona. You will be attuned to receiving messages through your dreams or from the angelic realms, so take time for meditation and writing in a journal to record your impressions. You may act before you think when it comes to money, so be patient on making large purchases for now. Working on a joyful creative project will give strength to your health and overall well-being.

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