• Don Martin

Pistachio Dreams

Acceleration is anti-procrastination, magic that moves through you with lightning viscosity, inertia at its best. What propels acceleration is motivation and the exponential effect it has on you and your world. When you hit a lucky streak, it doesn’t just increase gradually; it increases in leaps and bounds. The problem usually lies in breaking through writer’s block, picking up the first sheet on the leaning tower of Pisa à la office memos, and tackling that eighteen page math problem staring you down from in-between the pages of your eighteen hundred pound textbook.

Lurking under feelings of overwhelming pressure is the source of your acceleration. Think of it like a dormant volcano burbling with brimming lava underneath layers of molten rock. It lays waiting for you to tap into as soon as you chip away the pressure. The easiest way to accomplish this is to remove as much of the pressure as possible.

When attempting an over-the-top project or a dreaded task, break up the project into smaller chunks. Leisurely spread out your work like a lazy, pompous sultan. If the project is due in two weeks, block out the full two weeks to complete it (instead of waiting until the night before it’s due). If a project has multiple layers, tackle it one layer at a time. Spidey-leaping a skyscraper in a single bound is a lot more daunting than climbing it a single floor at a time. Whip out a sheet of paper and spell out the big goal, then shatter your big goal into more manageable pieces. Once you have your bite size kit-kats neatly aligned, take one bite at a time, climbing the rung until you’ve reached your mythological helipad at the top.

Once you are on a roll, it can feel like you just dived into a cold pool. Exhilarating and heady. When working on a project you enjoy, the momentum will build itself. You will be “in the flow.” Once there, time loses meaning. Food isn’t a necessity. Sleep is betrayed by the morning light creeping through your bedroom window. Hours will have passed without your knowledge or consent. It just takes that first step. Sometimes, the only step must be a plunge into the depths unknown. That can feel nerve wracking. Absolutely terrifying. Sometimes, it can even feel unjust, like a burden you alone have to carry. Those cases deserve your time and attention to creating a list of bite sized to-dos that can be accomplished in manageable quantities. However, if you are truly being forced to do something you don't agree with or are carrying more of the burden than others on your team (collegiate group project flashbacks), then look for ways to say no. Share the tasks with others or find someone who would enjoy doing what you have been asked to do. It is okay to say no. Your life and your time are the most valuable things you can ever possess in this world. Do not squander them by wasting your talents on meaningless filler that makes you a boiling wrathful monster inside. You are beautiful and you deserve to be appreciated.

The only person in this life who will look out for you one thousand percent is you. Make your dreams come true. Do what you love. Write down some unfathomable goal that you could never ever complete but nevertheless is on your bucket list of unicorn dreams. Break it down. Take your “so big no one could ever do it” goal and whittle it down to steps that lead to today, even if that means a five year, ten year, or twenty year plan. Bring it into the now by some infinitesimally minuscule action that immediately brings yourself one step closer to the un-slayable giant. I guarantee you that you cannot prove otherwise. There is always something that can skyrocket you in ways you could never imagine towards your wildest dreams. All it takes is a couple bite sized actions. Such is the beauty of exponential acceleration: you can never eat just one pistachio. Before you know it, the whole bag is gone.


JereLyn Faber - Testing the limitless is my game; writing for passion is my aim. Make your dreams come true by living life as simply you. Stay blessed!email:, or via her Facebook page.


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