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Local Artist Spotlight: Montana Skies

Montana Skies.jpeg
Their name is a metaphor for “musical freedom” and Atlanta natives Jennifer and Jonathan of Montana Skies deliver on that promise in every concert with a version of classical fusion that is so diverse it has been called everything from psychedelic strings to chamber rock.

With a sound that combines popular music with classical arrangements and electronic sound manipulation, these two classically trained musicians create a live music experience that is astonishing in its creativity and engulfing in its passionate intensity. Having developed their unique style of musical composition to take advantage of their unusual instrumental pairing of guitar and cello, they delight audiences with an energetic performance that touches upon influences from classic rock to jazz to latin to classical and avant garde.

Beyond the talent and skill embodied in Montana Skies’ performances, though, the artists themselves are approachable, genuine, and open, pausing between songs to share their enthusiasm about the unique sixstring cello Jennifer uses and Jonathan’s creative use of the computer to manipulate the sounds of their instruments and arrange the tracks so that, in live concerts, these two amazing musicians sound like an entire string section is backing them up. In one particularly poignant moment of true sharing with their fans, Jonathan recently shared his own powerful story of discovering sound’s ability to affect and heal emotional anguish, treating the audience to one of his energy-balancing and uplifting sound therapy compositions using Zen meditation bowls and a Native American flute.

With their approachable nature, genuine love for music and their fans, and unmistakable creative talent, Montana Skies is a concert experience you don’t want to miss. Check out their schedule, download mp3s, and learn more about this incredible local artist at their website:

Christina James, Editor in Chief of Aquarius News, is a closet culture-vulture and appreciator of all things interesting.

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