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Larry Flaxman: Best Selling Author, Screen Writer, Researcher

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You've written a number of best sellers, including 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon, The Resonance Key, The DeJaVu' Enigma, This Book is From the Future, and most recently, The Grid. Looking back, which was your favorite to write and why?

Wow, that’s a great question! I feel a connection with each of my books, however, “The Grid” definitely holds a special connection for me. To explain why, I need to provide some background information. Firstly, from a very early age I’ve been obsessed with studying subjects that are considered “fringe” or “unusual.” Areas that have traditionally been considered to be “paranormal” and have been neglected (or rejected) by mainstream society fall within my purview of interest.

In my mind, nothing is unexplainable – simply applying due diligence and maintaining the correct perspective or frame of reference is the key to understanding and unlocking the mysteries contained within.

One of the greatest mysteries is death…. and for me, specifically, “What happens next?”

Personal losses that I have experienced have helped to magnify and amplify the importance of understanding and attempting to explain the phenomena.

After the loss of a loved one there is an almost immediate shift that is felt. In essence, one's complete and entire reality changes in the blink of an eye. Upon being notified that a loved one has passed, grief and emotion immediately dictate one’s perception of reality and many people initially deny the news and question whether they are simply experiencing a dream (or nightmare!)

But looking beyond the immediacy of death, there is a long-term facet that underlines a far greater question. What is reality? Through my research, I have discovered that only after we understand our own place in the equation can we begin to comprehend the answer to that difficult question.

Writing “The Grid” allowed me the opportunity to focus on the essential facts while applying real and theoretical science to help explain not only what is likely to happen after physical death… but, ultimately, what reality itself is.

As an author and speaker, you have a great opportunity to use your voice to reach people. What do you feel is your most important message?

I feel that my message is actually multi-faceted. Firstly, I believe that helping people to understand their own role in the perception and manifestation of reality is perhaps the greatest key to unlocking their manifest potential. Call it the “master key” to empowerment if you will. Once individuals are able to realize that reality and perception are actually located at completely opposite ends of the spectrum, they begin to understand that reality is somewhere right in the middle… and that they have the power to change each and every experience simply by modifying or shifting their perceptions and becoming stronger, more resilient individuals. Isn’t that what we all want?

Secondly, embrace your uniqueness and never change who you are for others. For many years I felt “out of place” and uncomfortable with myself because I was different. I had different interests, different ideas, different beliefs, and different ways of expressing myself.

As a young child, I had a very hard time socializing and making friends with kids my own age. At the urging of school officials, I was sent to a behavioral psychologist who suggested that I be IQ tested.

I tested over 140 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test and from that point forward I was treated differently. I was always placed in accelerated classes in school and segregated from others. I was constantly told that I was different… and that I wasn’t like the other children. I didn’t want to be different… I wanted to be like everyone else.

As I grew up, I tried to conform and be like others who I assumed were “normal.”

Deep down, I realized that my entire life was a lie. I wasn’t truly myself – I was a method actor who had created a false persona and ultimately became someone completely different than who I truly was. My personal and professional lives revolved around this self-created fantasy… and I was miserable. My mental and physical health suffered.

I was living my life to conform to others' expectations of me, but, underneath it all, I still felt like an outcast… Externally alike…but, internally, still so different.

Four years ago I attended my first Through The Veil conference. When I agreed to speak about my first book, “11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomena,” I didn’t know what to expect. A metaphysical conference? My mind was racing with thoughts of vegan, granola eating, Birkenstock wearing hippies.

And then…wow! For the first time in my life I felt like I was surrounded by people who could see through my own veil… and not only accepted me for who I truly was… but also shared in my uniqueness. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace… these people were my clan… my family.

Suddenly, as if a light bulb had been switched on, I realized that being different or unique was NOT a bad thing and that, for years, I had deceived myself into falsely believing that I was defective.

This realization was absolutely life changing.

As a result of my experience, I have become more accepting of myself and have begun the process of healing from within.

I enjoy sharing my journey with others because I honestly believe that many people mistakenly think that they have to change themselves in order to be accepted.

You've spoken at Atlanta's annual Through The Veil conference for 5 years and in 2015, you will be the Keynote Speaker. Why do you keep returning?

Oops, looks like I answered most of this question above. To recap, though: family. I truly believe that the people that I have met at Through the Veil are my family. Attending TTV allows me the opportunity to not only recharge my spiritual batteries but also reaffirm and rekindle my own identity.

Michelle Griffin is a contributing writer and has been featured in several publications. Her passion is pursuing the connection between the spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal philosophies. She is the owner of Through The Veil Productions.


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