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It's our fight, too!

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As you already know, the theme of this month in Aquarius News is "Acceleration". Fast pace and moving forward is something that is often glorified in the American media and a recent election was won with the slogan "Forward."

As you may not know, March 8th is International Women's Day. My question is: when will the American people (and often people of faith) recognize the potential for forward movement and progression for women? Why in the world is it 2015 and we still have my fellow brothers and sisters standing in the way of women's progress in the work force, in the homes, and with their own bodies?

Our failed policy of trickle down socio-economics has bankrupted women of their rightful place beside men in all places. Why do we have "pink collar" jobs still? Why does a career lose its status when women enter the work force? Why do women earn seventy-three cents for every dollar a man makes in the same career? What can people of faith do to stand up to this injustice?

As the cartoon with this article illustrates, it's the privileged man who says women will have their time and their place. I can imagine my sisters in arm channeling Dr. King when they say, "We've been waiting long enough." This article isn't for women. It's for my brothers who believe in equality. It's time for political action. On issues of equal pay for equal work, women's reproductive health, and subjugation in our homes, it's time for us men to stand up, not on behalf of, but with our sisters, wives, daughters, and mothers against political and socioecomic injustice. We can no longer say, "It's not our fight." That's a statement of privilege and every faith that has stood the test of time speaks of foregoing our own privilege and standing with the oppressed. How will you stand with women on International Women's Day and throughout the year? Remember the women at events like Moral Monday, please. And if you're not involved with Moral Monday, start being involved. We are at the breach of revolution in the American political realm. Let's get involved and say, "It's our fight, too!”

Terry Cranford-Smith is a writer, pastor, preacher, and Misfit in the way of Jesus. Terry is renowned for posting controversial Facebook posts, taking pictures of his dog, and loving his wife, Bec. You can find him involved in the Wild Goose Festival, Moral Monday, and Church of the Misfits.


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