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What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

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As we approach Valentine’s Day this year, we are facing a lovely romantic Jupiter in Leo while Uranus and Pluto continue their on-going negotiations between independence and commitment. Jupiter is the planet associated with happiness, generosity, and dreams fulfilled. When it’s in the sign of Leo it’s all about romance and the drama of life. Being treated like royalty, it makes Jupiter particularly delightful in a newly found love and budding love relationships. It is a delicious combination for Cupid and Valentine’s Day!

To illuminate some of this year’s Valentine’s dynamics, it might be of interest to have a look at the relationship secrets of a well-known couple, one who has never married, but remain, we hope, blissfully in love. There are many types of charts to look at relationship dynamics but the chart of the “moment a couple meets” is a fascinating tool for looking at the whole story of the relationship: beginning, middle and ideally, till death do they part. Let’s look at the story being told for this couple as depicted through the chart of their first date, gathering some clues and inspiration from this well-matched pair.

Kurt and Goldie’s First Date Tells The Whole Story

In 1983, the producer of Swing Shift auditioned Disney star Kurt Russell to play opposite Goldie Hawn. He was smitten immediately and she felt completely at home and instantly attracted. As luck would have it for this article, their first date took place on Valentine’s Day (what are the chances?). Late that night, Hawn suggested they go to her house; Russell was asking her a question and turned toward her and she was leaping in the air towards him…and the rest, as they say, thirty-one years later, is history.

In the chart of their first date, the dynamics for life-long partnership are already in place. With Moon, Venus, and Mars all in the sign of unconditional love Pisces (where Venus, planet of love, is in exaltation) are all together in the 7th house of partnership.

With the lunar emphasis, we would expect to see comfort, and the Venus and Mars conjunction show highly charged chemistry with a sense of partnership right from the get-go. Pisces energy in the 7th tends to be free flowing, openly loving without judgment, and romantic, but with indications of a lack of definition which can sometimes

be frustrating.

The Sun of the “meet chart” is with Juno, which some Western Astrologers consider to be an asteroid of marriage, as she was the wife of Zeus, but others (the Magi Eastern Astrologers) consider Juno to be a sign of sexual passion and an affair outside of marriage. So we see the Sun (the essence) of the “meet chart” in the freedom loving sign of Aquarius just outside of the Pisces ruled 7th house of marriage (so close, but no cigar) conjoined Juno the asteroid of either marriage or sexual affair, depending on your perspective.

Either way, the Sun and Juno are in the freedom loving sign of Aquarius, which means fundamentally the relationship itself would resist restriction or an institution like marriage. In the 4th house of this chart, we find Jupiter in its rulership bringing great abundance (and in fact, they each are independently financially prosperous), expansion, fun, philosophy (she’s Jewish/ Buddhist with a foundation for mindfulness and he’s an outspoken Libertarian), travel, happiness, and a need for open unlimited expression, conjoined Uranus (planet of freedom and higher consciousness) and Neptune (idealism, no boundaries and unconditional love – again!).

In sum, based on this wonderful first date chart, it looks like this unique couple are ideally suited and in theory could go on together unwed indefinitely. So, in answer to our question, does the “Chart of the Meet” tell the whole story? In this case the answer would be a resounding, Yes! And as a special bonus, there are some great tidbits on the care and feeding of a long and happy union. Enjoy, and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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