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This Month is Black History Month

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This edition of Aquarius is all about Namaste.

Each are dealt with pretty deeply in this issue…so I’m not going to rehash all that information here.

Those two subjects get me thinking about even bigger things. More cosmic things. Or more specifically…more “cosmic” things here on earth.

Have you heard the old saying - “don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good”? Lately, as I have been meditating on The Aquarius Compassion Project and The Namaste Conspiracy, I have been wondering…how can we truly make a difference?

I was really moved - and inspired - by Marianne Williamson’s foray into politics last year. Even though she lost the race, she was able to get the message out there to a wider and possibly new audience. She was able to shine a light on issues that could be truly impacted by spirituality and consciousness.

She brought metaphysics into the spotlight in a new and refreshing way.

I am thinking lately that this is something we should all be doing. Or at least, reflecting on how to do it.

Let’s face it…the world needs us. Race relations appear to be worse now than ever before. Trust in authority and leaders is at an all time low. Hate-baiters are on TV and radio, 24 hours a day, stirring up fear and loathing in the American public, creating dividing lines where there should be none. Nations are rising up against nations, even though there seems to be no legitimate reason to do so (as if there was a good reason for war).

We carry within us a powerful, unquenchable agency. We are people who have touched and been touched by the Transcendent…whatever we think it is. I am of the belief that the Transcendent is my Higher Self, in touch with a Cosmic Consciousness that is the Power of Love. I believe that Love from my Higher Self - that Cosmic Consciousness - can change anything and everything.

I know hundreds - indeed, thousands - who are living that same reality. And I am new to the game. There are millions around the world who have lived in this Mystery for decades. Can you imagine the transformation that could occur were we all intending to take it to the world in a new and radical way?

I could never run for office. I am not political and savvy enough. I am passionate and tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve. But maybe you ARE? Or…are a good writer? Or…a good photographer? How about radio…ever been interested in doing a radio show? Making a movie or documentary?

A good friend of mine - and a colleague - has recently begun to record 2-minute videos of her insights about living successfully as a spiritual person. She posts it to her Facebook page every day or so. Hundreds are listening…and it is lifting their lives!!

I have another friend who is doing the same thing…about issues of justice and social compassion. His actions are simple, but he is making a difference.

I really do believe that THE TIME IS NOW for us to take the Light we have into a world of hurt and darkness. It is not just a marketing slogan for me…it is a Call To Action.

That is why I bought Aquarius…one year ago. I saw in this newspaper and in this community an incredible resource to shine the Light!! In the past year, I have invited several new writers to begin to shine their light. Now, our flagship radio show, “Truth Be Told” is entering its second month on air. Video documentaries and inspirational memes are being created. Our first book has been published.

All the while, the quiet mystery of spiritual work continues…people experience healing and love is being championed.

So…run for office? Write an article, a poem, a song, a book? Create a sustainable community? Make a video? Host a radio program? Become a community activist? Show up at Moral Monday events at the state capital?

Let’s live it. Namaste.

Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO of Aquarius Media Network. He is a native of Atlanta and has traveled extensively in this world and many others. He is a family man, an outdoorsman, a poet, a musician, a mystic, a writer, a photographer, and a metaphysical practitioner (Akashic Field Therapy). All he wants is love, a farm, and a few chickens and goats.

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