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"the namaste conspiracy"

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conspiracy - joining together, ususally in secret, to bring about a given result

No question - the word “conspiracy” has an ominous tone.

It implies something dark, troubling, and deceptive.

But the truth is, conspiracy is not intended to be ominous. It is intended to be secret. It is a collective action that is meant - not to draw attention to itself - but to bring about a particular result.

So…look around you. Daily, we are bombarded with images of people acting in a way that has most of us confused, scared, even despairing. Disrespect and rudeness have become cultural norms. Social cohesion has begun to give away to social chaos…random acts of kindness have been overwhelmed by random acts of violence.

The person in the street shrugs, shakes their head, and moves on. I have done it many times. We carry the tension into our homes…where we say and do harmful things to the ones that we love the most, the ones who love and trust us.

Is there something we can do to change the course of things, to bring about a transformation that can prepare us for the shift in global consciousness that is coming (and indeed has already begun)?


“Namaste.” It is a word that is yoga trendy, and as Wendel Matthews has noted elsewhere in this edition…a word that is quickly becoming as meaningless as “gesundheit.”

But “namaste” is a word of powerful meaning.

You know it’s meaning, I am sure…

“I recognize and honor your sacred worth.”

Namaste is, at it’s simplest, respect. It is treating every person, regardless of their place in society or their importance and value to you personally, as if they were God’s gift to you. It is a concept that - once having taken its place in your heart - will resist you having negative intention for anyone, even those who your ego may identify as your enemy.

At Aquarius, we believe that Namaste is a word worth saving and a concept worth seeding into the hearts, minds, souls, and lives of every human being.

We also know that if we shout “namaste” on the street, people will laugh, mock, roll their eyes, and turn away - “another crazy new ager, drunk on yoga!”

So…our goal is to find ways to sow seeds of namaste in secret. And thus…THE NAMASTE CONSPIRACY.

Will you join us?




“I believe in the sacred worth

of every person

young old rich poor

male female black white

gay straight atheist christian

buddhist hindu shinto muslim

wiccan jew

every human who has ever lived is unique

there will never be another me, or another you

that is why i believe in the sacred worth

of every human


that’s what it means

Live it...every day”

Those words are the cornerstone of The Namaste Conspiracy. Our “statement of commitment”.

Namaste is believing in the sacred worth of every human - and acting in accord with that belief.

In 2015, Aquarius is launching The Namaste Conspiracy. We will begin by building a team of people who will commit to living namaste in their daily lives.


Our first goal is to gather the people. Today, you can go to, and click on the link to The Namaste Conspiracy. Sign up, and we will send you a special gift…100 cards that you can hand out to people who you think need to hear these words:

“Today, I want to tell you that you are a person of infinite worth and that I recognize that and honor that. My intention for you is to have a happy and successful life, filled with love and friendship, experiencing prosperity in all that you do. Remember…you are a person of sacred worth and deserve respect and honor. Namaste! (that’s what it means…live it, every day!)”

Just give them to people, as your own inner wisdom guides you.

In the months to come, we will call you to get involved in other activities, actions, and events that serve to promote the concept of namaste…and to allow others to experience the honor of being a person of sacred worth.

Keeping It On the Down Low…and Real!

No buckets of water. Just quietly demonstrating honor and respect to EVERY PERSON YOU MEET…even the ones who you think don’t deserve it.

It may seem like a stretch…or a silly ideal. But just for one month…sign up and hand out the cards. Watch what happens. See if those seeds of respect and honor will grow into plants of beauty.

You are a person of sacred worth.


Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO of Aquarius Media Network.

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