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Streaks of Divinity

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What does it mean to see the divine in people? Most religions have a slot in their rhetoric dedicated to “seeing the good in everyone.” In modern life, with high crime, conflicting politics, and religious wars blotting out the sun, this proves to be an elusive practice. Where is the divine in a sociopath, mass murderer, or just that jerk that stuffed you in a locker in ninth grade?

The keys to unleashing the divine streak are simply to look for it, recognize it, and grasp hold of it. Beauty hides in a soft spoken word, a slit of sunshine peeking through the blinds, and an impassioned speech. Hunting for moments of beauty causes you to raise your awareness of their numerous occurrences. Stop and breathe in that grace-filled moment.

Our lives are busy, there is no denying that. Ten hour work days, long commutes stretching to traffic infinity, projects that deem tufts of hair fall endlessly from our heads, all contribute to unhappiness. We have become a society of cranky, balding bottle caps waiting to explode from the pressure. There is a way to mitigate the stress, the tense muscles, and unhappy tempers. It lies in a new perspective, a pair of divinity sunglasses.

Cherishing your morning coffee can become a ritual of gratitude. Whether you take a few extra moments in the morning to appreciate the swirls of creamer dancing in your cup, or savor the warmth in the elevator between floors four and seven, it doesn’t take much to spice your life with gratitude. Thankfulness is a door to divinity. When you are grateful for the little things, daily stress doesn’t wear on you the way it used to and miracles are easier for you to spot. When you are grateful for your life, the divine in others becomes more readily apparent. You can now appreciate their thousand watt smile, subtle brilliance, or exuberant laugh.

Actively observing another person, listening to the meaning behind what they say, and recognizing the beauty in them is a form of boisterous self-love. Seeking those moments out in others eases the way to seeing them in yourself. Appreciating the divine of self may be one of the hardest tasks we have as overworked adults, but when we were small and the world was big, it was all we ever saw.

Children have this effortlessness about them, a lightness to their being. Before being trained that they are bad at some things and good at others, little humans believe they can accomplish anything. Prior to fear of stinging bugs, hot stoves, and jumps from great heights being instilled in them, miniature adults fear nothing.

Fear is a survival mechanism. While it has its place in some things, what if we could do more than just survive, but, instead, live to thrive.

Think of all the things you would’ve done with your life if you hadn’t been told you weren’t good enough, couldn’t make money in that, or your dream was just ludicrous. How would life be different if you had pursued your dreams anyway? Would you be happier, richer, or more fulfilled? Would anyone be working 60 hour work weeks, slowly chipping away at their sanity to sit in a cubicle? Offices wouldn’t exist. No one voluntarily wants to live that way, but we do for reasons unknown to us, reasons simply bundled under the headings of “bills” and “responsibilities of the modern day adult.”

It seems to me, for the survival of a thriving human race, we need to do more than that. Thrive, not just survive. It becomes a necessity, then, to seek out the moments of divine grace in everyone and everything that you encounter.

Live your dreams, not just your life. Be impassioned. Take risks. Dream big and live out loud. Love with every part of you. Next time you see someone, in the office or on the street, really see them. Actively recognize the divine within them, the part of them that doesn’t sit in a cubicle or make coffee day in and day out. Reach for the divine in all you do.

That, my friends, is the Namaste principle.

Now, go out and live it.

Sat nam.

JereLyn Faber - Testing the limitless is my game; writing for passion is my aim. Make your dreams come true by living life as simply you. Stay blessed! email:, or via her Facebook page.


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