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I am frequently amused by the use of Namaste in American culture. I find it in blogposts, emails, and comical commercials that poke fun at yoga. Rarely do I hear it used in the context of the Vedas, from which it was born. Often, it seems to be used as a tool to discreetly distinguish between those who are spiritually connected and those who are not. Dare I say spiritual elitism has subverted the collective awakening. What would people think?

Regardless of varying levels of awareness, spirituality is fundamentally all-inclusive.

The divine light of creative energy, the cosmic spark of life resides within each one of us. Whenever I say, “I see the light in you,” to another person, I mean it. I hope to see thier face lighting up and their mood changing; their entire energy field shifting in an instant. Ironically, none of that happens when I say Namaste. Perhaps it should, but it doesn’t.

Maybe people don’t take me seriously when I say it. Or maybe people fail to put its message into practice even when they have studied its meaning. In Hindu culture, Namaste is commonly used as a greeting and, despite its original meaning, it has grown to be a rather informal gesture. Perhaps its saturated use has diluted its meaning, similar to the way that “I love you” tends to lose its meaning when it is overused and one’s actions aren’t consistent with the message.

To say Namaste and truly mean it would be to study its origins and embody its original meaning within the life that you are living. Namaste is not just a clasp of the hands, bow of the head, and acknowledgment of divinity. Namaste is a process that requires reflection upon profound questions such as: What is Divine? How can we claim to see the divine light in others? What kind of responsibility comes with such awareness?

To embody the truth of Namaste would be to honor and respect yourself and others as divine beings. Many are in denial about their struggles with self-respect and most do not treat everyone they interact with as divine beings. Namaste is not easy.

Knowledge of what is divine depends not on scientific discovery but on the intuition of your Higher Self. Remember the mystical nature of consciousness: the same force that makes us individuals also reinforces the notion that we are one.

We are bound by our capacity for conscious co-creation. No matter how dark your decisions may be, you are my family as I am yours. Regardless of your choices, your divine light remains. This is the truth of Namaste.

In my work, I have encountered individuals who profess that it is extremely difficult for them to see the light in others. Many struggle with the concept of unconditional love and are less inclined to have faith in the good nature of humanity. Our egos cast a shade that often dims the light of others as well as our own. The dimming is the illusion of egocentric perception.

You are not defined by any one choice or any one experience. Rather, we often find ourselves when we let go of attachments. Strip away every decision you have ever made and see what’s left. Rid yourself of every memory, every friendship, every lesson, and every experience. What’s left?

Nothing other than pure, intelligent energy immersed in a sea of unknown potential capable of infinite change.

The greatest Namistake is to attempt to honor and respect the light of another without understanding your own. You are transcendent. You are light! Just as your light is eternal, so is the truth of Namaste.

Regardless of beliefs, the divinity of each soul is irreversible. To deny the divinity of one human being is to deny the divinity of all humanity. Express your divinity in the now by acknowledging the divinity of another. To honor and respect the light of another is to honor and respect your own. We are best defined by the transcendent divine light of incarnation that overcomes compulsions of our ego by intuitively aligning our souls with greater purpose.

The luminescent creative energy of immeasurable potential is YOU.

It is always you, regardless of your age, gender, race, economic background etc.

Behold the light within.


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