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Life's Symphony

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Ponder something for a moment…what does harmony mean to you? What does having harmony in your life look like…feel like? If you’re stuck coming up with an answer, no need to worry. I did a mini-sensing project with a handful of friends and family ranging from actors/models, authors, chemical engineering professionals, screenwriters, and even a PhD percussionist. The meanings shared were beautiful, quite frankly, a bouquet entwined with words like love, well, spirit, and peace and phrases like ‘multiple pieces’, ‘synergistic kind of way’, ‘coming together’, ‘absence of conflict’, and ‘opposite of discord’.

As you’re smelling that bouquet, journey with me a moment. Picture yourself at the symphony. Everyone is in their best dress and polished to perform. The conductor’s wand is raised and the music begins. As the first piece progresses, among the layers of chords and notes, you hear dissonance. A loud, horribly out of tune trumpeter is somewhere in the symphony’s midst. At times it sounds as if this individual is playing a completely different sheet of music. Slowly but surely you find yourself distracted...unable to hear anything else BUT that trumpet. When it’s not being played you’re waiting to hear if and when it will start again. Your entire symphony experience has been reduced to a game of hide-and-seek with the sound of this off-tune trumpet. And that, my friends, depicts the importance of YOU, the extreme importance you play in the symphony of life.

In order to successfully take part in harmony, your note must be in tune. Yes, harmony is all about different elements working together to create something more beautiful than individual parts but that can’t be achieved without every element being in tune. Being healthy. Being strong. Being confident. Being aware. Life’s symphony falls apart without the strength of its individual parts… without the strength of you.

Now if you find you’re in tune but still lacking harmony in your life, well that’s OK. You’ve got choices my friend: Either change your tune or change the symphony around you.

Stuck in rut? Curiosities nagging at you? ‘Day job’ getting in the way? Well it may be time to change your symphony. Think about it. What if an operatic soprano tried engaging in a jam session with John Mayer. How do you think it would sound? Not so great, right? It would be an attempt to marry completely different strengths and styles…sure they would all be in tune but the result would probably sound…off. That just may exemplify you. Your brilliance may be drowning or sticking out like a sore thumb in your current symphony. So perhaps change the symphony to enable that brilliance to shine or throw a raft out to that drowning talent.

So what will you do to tune your note today? To increase your awareness of the notes being played around you? To ensure you’re in the right company of musicians? Ultimately to increase the strength of YOUR note in life’s symphony?

Cassandra Worthy is a life lover, risk taker, wit injector, blogger, and chemical engineer. Her dedication spans across family, joy, experiencing the new, and all things science. Follow her at Email:


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