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5 Steps to Authenticity


Immersed in a sea of disguises, authenticity can be difficult to capture. Image is everything in a world of egos. We love to make good first impressions but we fear the idea of people knowing who we really are. Disconnected are those unable to be true to themselves on a daily basis. Self-actualization begins when you have the audacity to be authentic.

Frequently, we seek authenticity in our political leaders only to find it’s opposite. A lack of authenticity is also found amongst our spiritual leaders (i.e. the history of sexual abuse insulated by the papacy). Additionally, as many languish at the deterioration of Bill Cosby’s image, we are reminded that celebrities and entertainers commonly compromise their authenticity to fulfill egocentric desires.

With such a lack of authenticity in the leadership of our egocentric society, how do you know if you might have an issue with authenticity?

The old saying goes: “Character is defined by what you do when no one is watching.”

Are you the same person when no one is watching?


1. Identify the Masks you wear. Society frequently compels us to put a different face on for the public. Whether at work or at home with our children, we often feel required to compromise our true values and sentiments. Think of moments when you are not true to yourself and others.

Case in point, many cops anonymously disagreed with the outcome of the judicial proceedings surrounding the NYC police officer who choked an unarmed Eric Garner to death. However, none of these officers will speak up for fear of being ridiculed. Meanwhile, hearing the authentic perspective of these officers could raise our level of collective understanding on race relations and police brutality in law enforcement. It could inspire legislation to minimize risk by mandating race relations training for all officers and psychological screenings to identify subconscious racial biases. While that may seem like wishful thinking to some, authentic conversations open us to the potential for positive change. Remember, the coroner’s autopsy concluded that Garner’s death was neither asthma related, nor heart related, it was classified simply as homicide.

2. Accept the Fears you are masking. There is no maturity without self-acceptance. Understanding why you are fearful of your authentic self is crucial to letting your mask(s) go. Only when we face our fears can we overcome them. When we avoid our fears, the problem only gets worse. When we do not openly communicate the truth, our pretentious outward exchanges foster an internal disconnection between our ego and our authentic self. This leads to inner conflict which manifests as mental and emotional imbalance. Self-acceptance resolves this conflict by restoring our internal connection thus promoting oneness and inner peace.

3. Embrace your Ego for all you have learned from its attachments and disguises. In the holistic community, it is very popular to demonize or denounce our egos. However, just like brains and hearts, egos are necessary for us to fulfill our respective purposes on planet Earth. We need them to develop personas in the physical world. Therefore, it is important to reflect on what you have learned from your ego. By learning from your ego instead of demonizing it, you are more likely to be inspired along your journey of transformation. This prepares your ego for alignment with your authentic self so you can be true to yourself while in the physical world.

4. Find your Truth. No one has the same experience you do. No one thinks and feels what you do when you do. Your conscious experience is the fingerprint of your existence. Therefore, you must identify what is true to you. Your authenticity is found in your truth. As your truth evolves, so do you.

5. Liberate Yourself from popular beliefs, media sound-bites and poor role models who compromise your authenticity. With millions competing for your attention, it is not easy to liberate yourself from these influences. Fortunately, you were born with intelligence and intent before any of these externalities. Let it all go. Authenticity is difficult to capture because to be authentic is to be free.

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