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Living Authentically

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The phrase, living our truth, seems like such a simple task. We all go about our day doing our best to be the true version of ourselves … or do we?

Are we really living our truth or merely reflecting what we believe the world and others expect us to be?

Living authentically allows us to tell the world our story. It enables us to have genuine connections to others as well as with ourselves.

What does it mean to be authentic?

Most dictionaries define authenticity as “being genuine; of undisputed origin”. I define being authentic as being our true selves without the confines of who we have been conditioned to think we should be. It can only happen when our thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with our inner beliefs and principles.

As we move from infancy into toddlerhood, we begin to become influenced by the programming and belief systems of those around us. Many people spend their entire lives living someone else’s ideals. There are those however, who feel the yearning for more fulfillment and set out on a quest to discover their authentic selves. I realized early on that I was one of those who marched to the beat of my own drum and I was a seeker on a journey to discover the real me.

The freedom that comes from living authentically is monumental,

but isn’t for the faint of heart.

As we grow ... we evolve, but often times we are fearful of change and the potential judgment of others that can come with it. I battled with what I interpreted as letting people down, when in turn I was actually imprisoning all those involved, including myself, in unauthenticity.

Authenticity requires a commitment to the process of continual growth and self-discovery. It is learning who we are and accepting our genuine self. It is necessary to have complete and full acceptance of our past and present choices and to have learned unconditional self-love. It requires us to be open to change and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. It is about being comfortable in our own skin. We must be willing to take off the mask and let the world truly see us.

Living authentically is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. There are old patterns we must let go of and roles we have taken on that we find we can no longer fulfill. Release is an essential part of the process to achieve complete authenticity. Often times as a result our connections to others and relationships shift.

My life has been a multifaceted series of transformations and my pursuit of living authentically has certainly come in stages. One of the most difficult stages has been learning to let go. I certainly have not mastered it, but I can say that my ability to release myself from inauthentic connections with jobs, friends, family, and relationships has allowed me to continue growing unimpeded as a person mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The more authentic we become, the more we want deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Without authentic relationships we cannot continue to develop. It, in effect, inhibits our heart and soul, which are both crucial in living authentically.

Inauthentic relationships are often created as result of two individuals struggling with their own authenticity and many times carries with it an unsustainable illusion of happiness.

Authentic relationships require total and complete honesty, love and acceptance of one another for who they truly are and not someone we wish or want them to be, open communication, and must be built on a foundation of absolute trust.

Carl Jung said it best “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Living an authentic life is not stagnate. It’s constant acceptance of change, a challenge of old beliefs, a shift in our ways of thinking, disengaging from past facades and letting go of unhealthy connections, but with it comes a desire to attract and embrace constructive and beneficial relationships, the courage to live in complete freedom in a place where we are truly alive, where our hearts are full and we can live fully embracing and realizing our purpose and mission in this life.

Live in authenticity ... you and the world will both be better for it.

Sherry J Davenport - Sherry Davenport is a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor, Energy Worker, Writer and Teacher. She lives her life’s purpose by serving others and assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves.


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