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Here it comes!!


2015 is here. By the time you read this, the new year will be out of the starting gates.

This year has been identified as a very amazing year, when the manifestation of things that have been in the birthing or creating process will come forth. Last year - 2014 - had two cosmic events that are portentous…the beginning of a cycle of blood red moons, and a cycle of Mercury Retrogrades that had significant impact on human affairs.

Two other things - probably less noticed but more significant - were the number of solar flares and the beginning of an alignment with our solar system to the energy vortex that blasts out from the center of our galaxy. (Most scientists and cosmologists agree that a very massive black hole is at the center of our galaxy. As this black hole consumes galactic debris, it emits powerful energy blasts - imagine lightning from a massive round ball - that shoots through the galaxy.

Our particular arm of the galaxy began passing through a portion of that vortex this past year).

Cosmic events. Do they really have any bearing on life on this little, out-of-the-way planet? Well, think back…especially to the amount of turmoil, chaos and violence that has visited societies and cultures around our globe. Think back to the economic uncertainty, the social discord, the increasing sense that SOMETHING BIG IS COMING.

Metaphysical practitioners, social scientists, and spiritual intuitives the world over are sensing “a disturbance in the Force.” Something big is coming…most people know it, and even though they may deny it, they feel it and it impacts the way they live their lives.

What is the best thing we can do to position ourselves for whatever is coming? Well, here are few things I believe are essential:

Recognize that - whatever else happens - this “something big” that is coming is, at the core, spiritual. It is not political, social, economic or even cosmic. Political, social, economic and cosmic things are all manifestations of spiritual reality. Don’t pay so much attention to the manifestation that you forget to look at the spiritual forces working behind it.

Does that make sense?

Ok - “spiritual” means…transcendent. Unseen. Above and beyond you. It is that force, or energy, or maybe even that Consciousness, that works in and around all of us. Here is an example: what happened in Ferguson, MO was a tragedy and exposed many cracks in American society. However, think beyond the details, and ask yourself - “what spiritual truth is being revealed through this event?” When I do that, I think: love, reconciliation, trust, forgiveness, a new way of thinking about racial relationships and race in general.

What do you think?

The best way to respond to spiritual energy is to be TRUTHFUL. When we are not being truthful, we limit the impact that any experience, or thought, or person can have on our selves.

Does that make sense?

The best way to be truthful is to be AUTHENTIC. Take off the mask. Be honest to yourself about who you are, what you want, how you think and how you feel. When you act with authenticity, you take down the walls of delusion and provide an open receptacle to truth and spirit.

Yes, authenticity requires vulnerability and courage. It is not easy. Most of us have years of practice in not being honest with ourselves. We are trained to not think about who we are, and to not give respect to our own personhood, or our own desires. We put up walls, we wear masks, and we fake it.

All that does is keep the massive spiritual energy that is swirling around us now from impacting us and sweeping

us up in its bliss.

So…as the New Year begins, I encourage you to practice authenticity. Begin by being honest with yourself.

This year, Aquarius is devoting its content to exploring ways in which we can prepare for spiritual revolution…because HERE IT COMES!! This issue - the first of the new year - is devoted to Authenticity.

May your mask come off, your walls come down, and you become the powerful person that you are.


Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO of Aquarius Media Network. He is a native of Atlanta, and has traveled extensively in this world and many others. He is a family man, an outdoorsman, a poet, a musician,

a mystic, a writer, a photographer, and a metaphysical practitioner (Akashic Field Therapy). All he wants is love,

a farm, and a few chickens and goats.

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